iOS4 add apps to folder within iTunes

I was wondering about this today and was thinking if I was an app and needed to get into a folder how would I go about doing it in iTunes.

Well, here's the answer. It's easy!

First off while in iTunes, simply click the app tab when you have your iphone plugged in (this should work for the iPod as well). You'll see your list of apps show up and you can choose which ones you want to synch by simply checking the box next to them and then pressing apply and allowing the apps to synch. Now, what I did in this window was create a folder by dragging a web page shortcut for googlevoice and the settings icon on top of each other and created a folder. I left the default name of utilities.

Next what I want to do is add AIR SHARING to that same folder, but without having to drag it from Screen 2 into the folder which is this case is in Screen 1 with the calendar, nike and a couple of other apps. Well, I don't have to drag anything! In the screen below you'll see I highlighted AIR SHARING so you can see it.

All I need to do now is to click the box next to Air Sharing placing an X in there, and you'll see in the next image that my goal has been achieved. The icon for Air Sharing has ended up inside of the folder with the other two icons. Now if you check off multiple items the same thing will happen, only with more than one icon. When you click apply or synch depending on the option given you, the apps will then be installed into the right location on your iphone, or ipod and when iOS4 becomes available for it...the iPAD as well.

Thanks for taking time to read this, hope you found it helpful.


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