AT&T Where's the iPhone4???


Apple gives you exclusive access to the best looking piece of hardware on the planet and you put a BLACKBERRY on your site? HELLO MCFLY!!!! The iPhone4 is no where to be found in the business site.

If I was Steve Jobs I'd be ringing some necks over there. I mean let's get real. Maybe Apple should move things to Verizon or some other network. Hell the business customers can't even pre order the phone when they get someone on the phone - "Oh no Mr. Murdock you have to pre-order through the website"

GIVE ME A BREAK! Not SERVICE for your business customers. This is called BEND OVER WE'LL DRIVE.

Apple should NOT be impressed.

Definitely not DocMurdock Approved. And locking business customers out of purchasing through the retail site...OUCH.

Where's the service?

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