AT&T & Business "Service"

As a business customer, am sad to say I got more respect as a Retail Client from AT&T. That's a pretty sad reflection on AT&T.

Business customers are the last to hear about new product announcements, the last to have access to preorder things like the iPhone4

and are made to wait an inordinate amount of time on the phone to get service.

Here's the AT&T business site right now in the midst of the pre-ordering of the iPhone4.

So who is responsible for not allocating enough computing resources to handle the load of incoming requests? Or did you simply forget to put the thing up in time for people to order?

Pretty sad showing AT&T, especially to us Small Businesses that you so desire to court and keep happy.

How about:

a. NOT OUTSOURCING SUPPORT TO INDIA anymore for your USA business customers. Allow them to take care of those outside the borders.

b. Prepare and test your websites so that you can activate them on time

c. Give your Small Business Customers some credit or something to make up for our not being able to preorder the best technology around because we can't order it through the retail site and we can't order it through the Apple site because everything is locked down to your site for the "best service portal for our business customers". If this is your "best" you have a LOT to worry about.


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