How I got my iPad

You know it's a funny thing when people see me with the ipad. For some reason everyone that does says "I am so jealous" :) it's a theme that's been repeating itself over and over again since I received this so allow me to share a little about this wonderful tool that has arrived in my life.

See I was lucky enough to have one come to me. I did not go out and buy it. When I say lucky that's the human term for it. In spirituality I'd say that I asked the universe to deliver one to me and it responded very kindly to my request. I am highly grateful for that response.

So how did this happen? One day I was looking over something about the iPad in a magazine and said out loud "I am going to have an iPad". Over my shoulder I hear a voice saying "You can't afford one" and I turn and there's my wonderful wife who generally says this every time I desire something of a technical nature. She did this with the iPhone when it first came out and one of those showed up as well. Different story, just as grateful.

With her it's almost a game because she knows that when she says that I will manifest what I desire. So I said back to her "I did not say I would buy one, I simply said I am going to have one". So I set that intention out there, asked the universe to bring one into my life, took a deep breath, and in my thinking declared that I was worthy of receiving this, and that when it arrived without question I would be very grateful for it coming into my life, and as a result of that arrival I would share the story with many and inspire them to look deeper into their lives at things they spend so much time saying they can't or don't have, instead of starting the process of achieving them through asking.

And then I put it out of my mind.

Just before the iPad became available to the general public, I was on twitter looking through my tweet stream when along came a tweet from a company called which offered a chance to win an iPad if you came to their site and signed up for a free account for their online backup service and then shared a tweet with your followers. The key was in the reading of their language - Sign up for the account first, then follow them on twitter and then then send the tweet out to your followers. Aha!!! Something to take action on I said, so what the heck, I had nothing to lose and I did want an ipad in my life so I took a chance.

I signed up for the account, tweeted the message, said to the universe Thank You for the opportunity that has shown up in front of my eyes, I have taken action on it. And once again I put it out of my mind.

About 24 or so hours later something told me to go and check my direct messages on twitter.
So I did. To my surprise there were 3 from this company called

The gist of the messages was: "Michael, we want to advise you that after we verify your identity and shipping information you will be declared the winner of one of our iPads".

At first there was a voice in my head saying "SAY THANK YOU!!!" and there was another one saying "Is this legit?". That was the human side of things checking in because if you're like me when you see things on twitter sometimes there's so many fake things you just never know. So I looked the company info up and called them, left a voice mail and I received a call back shortly after that saying "Dude check your computer, you installed our backup software and have an account with us, it's legit CONGRATS!"

A bit later I received an order verification that the order for the iPad had been placed and eventually I received a tracking email from Apple with the UPS information on it and on April 3rd in the morning UPS showed up with a box, handed it to me saying Congratulations! I asked why they were saying that and the driver told me that I was his first ipad delivery. They had tons of them they were delivering that day and I was number 1. What a hoot that was!

Most will go out and purchase these themselves or will receive them as gifts and a chosen few will get them from winning them in a contest. I am happy and grateful that mine came to me as it did. It's a great demonstration of law of attraction at work:

a. Ask for what you desire
b. know you're worthy of receiving it
c. be open to receiving it without question
d. if there's an action to take to help it toward you, take that action
e. When you receive it (not if), say THANK YOU
f. Always love you deeply. This helps the universe know that you know you're worthy

So if you have the chance to enter a legit contest for something you want, do so, follow the steps above, and there's a chance that whatever you desire will wind its way to you.
It's when we ask and then we question whether or not we're worthy, that these things fly away from us. Act like you've already received it, feel the feeling of having it, hold that thought, that feeling, that vibration as it's called and play with the universe. It's waiting to play with you and to share much with you.

Thanks for taking time to read this.

Oh! and they say a picture is worth 1,000 here's a picture from that morning of me with the ipad just out of the box:

And to top it all off, as the sentence below will attest to, this was all created on none other than that very same iPad :)

Happy Tuesday!


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