And to Chuck Geschke & John Warnock


Adobe is a different company than when you were in the drivers seats. It's fundamentally taken a step off into the deep end of providing shoddy products.

You should come back and rescue it from the current crop of losers running it. That's part of the reason that FLASH is what it is. Detrimental to productivity in a broader sense of the word.

The apps such as Photoshop, Illustrator and the vast libraries of type that Adobe produced early on...those were and are great.

FLASH is a tool and not one that enhances uptime. When you can open the very same page on both a Mac and PC with the same version of flash running in 4 different browsers and have it crash (and have that page be there's a problem with the tool.

Additionally as you know there are security, malware, virus concerns with that plugin that other options are removing from the table.

So nice to know that Adobe loves Apple, but the Adobe of your time and the Adobe of your photo in the letter are a horse of a different color.

Yours won. This one is losing.

And of course there's the problem that Adobe even with its own tools cannot produce a version of FLASH running stable on the iPhone platform. It's had 3 years to do so and has not done it yet.

So why should Apple or any of its users get behind your Adobe Hearts Anyone.

Apple does not own the web. They never claimed to. That was Microsoft. Apple does provide a superior user experience and one that's NOT supported by FLASH.

Can you fix that? Can you influence the Board at Adobe Systems to fire the current CEO and install one who believes in progress and moving to the future with stable tools and products for enhanced productivity? If so, my suggestion would be that you do so.

Kind regards,

Michael Murdock, CEO

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