So about iPad cases...

Yes, I am posting from my iPad! Ain't that a kick in the pants? :) It truly is. The fun thing about this piece of technology is you can sit it on the desk in a stand and type to it. You can email pictures of it to yourself and include them in the posting (see below), and when you're done with that you can turn it on its side and watch a movie from netflix while you turn back to your desktop to do something else! OH! and if you want to take a magazine to the loo (I was born in Britain I am entitled), you can and it's wireless so you can go with no cords or wires and just get things done.

I LOVE My IPAD!!! I AM AN APPLE FAN MAN (gave up being the boy at least for this posting) :)

Oh! Back to the cases issue. I love the Apple branded iPad case. Only problem is that no one on the planet seems to have them in stock so I was out today running an errand and dropped into Walmart and there on the shelf was...Not an Apple branded case, but a little netbook cover from HP for $20. I checked the measurements and to my delight found that it would hold the iPad although since the iPad is thinner than a netbook that it would move around a little bit. Oh well!!

So now I have a really cool looking case (for now not Apple brand) to hold my wonderful iPad within and protect it when I take it to LA this weekend for the WIN event at the Westin.

Had to share with all my wonderful readers out there. Save some time, save some money if you have to, but get that iPad protected. It's a great tool to use and fun to show off.

Soon to come some impressions about using this thing for daily tasks. It's fun, it really is and if you're not using're missing out on a wonderful thing.


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