iPad arrived today

Yes it happened. I woke this morning thinking is today the day? Is UPS really going to show up and present me with an iPad or is this one time that I really won't win anything. Well time passed and I did all those paranoid things that one does when expecting something to arrive and when you finally put it out of your mind the truck pulls up.

"Congratulations" I was greeted with by the driver of the brown truck. We have many of these going out today. That for me was nice to hear. I am happy for Steve and the rest of his team at Apple. I get this new move in technology. I understand it, I relate to it and I look forward to showing others how they can embrace it as well and leap forward into using something very powerful which is deceptively light in size. Some think that for a piece of hardware to be functional that it has to have this and have that and do the other. iPad is a window into a new realm of computing. One that feels different, feels safe, and once you lay your fingers on it you'll be swept away too.

Sure there are some things missing, but they are quickly becoming irrelevant. What would appeal is from using safari today, seeing more sites jump to html5 quicker. Those sites that use it load REALLY fast on the iPad. Adobe it's not just about flash games. It's those lousy ads that take the computers down. I did not miss flash once today. My usage on the iPad screamed along. I think I put it down for less than an hour since it arrived. (spent time with Maria & Sophie. family first the iPad).

Okay this is enough for this first long post using the iPad virtual keyboard. Just a side note about that keyboard. When you turn the iPad to landscape the keys become fatter so you can actually type a little bit faster.

I hope you all get a chance to try out the iPad. It's really a fun piece of technology.



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