I've asked, I've prayed...

but I received just the opposite. How many times we've read this just recently and it seems to echo along lines of it's time to share with all that which is being shared with us...and so we shall.

What is the opposite? Some would say that they asked for something from the universe, they prayed for it, and then they went off to do other things, but the question we would ask and one that comes through loud and clear was after the asking did they question their deserving or worthiness of receiving such things if even for a second?

If the answer to that question is "well...uh...yes, but it was only for a second!", well in that second which is a moment which is a lifetime, there's more than enough time for the universe to say "you're right, you're NOT worthy, but the person down the street is and so they shall receive that which you feel in this second that you're not worthy of receiving".

See how that goes? it's the same as we discussed in the beginning relative to time and so we will share the keys with you once again so that you're clear on them and can open a space in your heart for them to BE with you:

a. ASK for that which you desire to come into your life. It can be anything that you desire

b. KNOW that you are worthy of receiving what it is that you are asking for

c. OPEN and hold the space for this to come into your life. Simply be present with it as if it already is in your life and you can see it, feel it, touch it, taste it, etc. It's there, it's in your life right now, what's that feel like, grasp that feeling and hold it.

d. BE (there's that word again) OPEN to receiving this without question. If someone walked up and handed you the bag of money that you're asking for what would you say? Would it be anything other than simply "THANK YOU", and if the answer to that question is "Well I'd ask why and I'd say this, or I'd say that", then know that you'll never receive that bag. It's true, receive without question because when you've opened that avenue and capped it with a simple THANK YOU, you've told the universe that you will accept all the good things that it sends your way and receive them into your life and share them with others without filters or restraint, with nothing but love unconditional.

These are the keys to achieving in the shortest amount of time that which you desire to come into your life.

And so it is.


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