Gizmodo....and Apple prototypes...

You know it's funny reading the story about how Gizmodo "does the right thing" and returns the prototype to Apple, "not knowing if it was real" and a lot of other crap that they spouted out to the world as they were caught red-handed divulging development secrets of the new iPhone 4g which is due to ship out in a couple of months.

It's funny to see a blog that we used to respect like Gizmodo screw up the way they did. Taking pictures of something that's not theirs just because they were dumb enough to pay money for it. That doesn't make it right. Their CEO should issue a statement to the world saying that what they did was wrong. It equates to industrial espionage and it's not right. It's a crime and they should pay for it. A lot more than $5,000 that they did to the loser who did not simply drive down to 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino and return it to the front desk. I am sure that someone there would have gotten Steve Jobs on the phone and I am sure he'd have come down and met the person to thank them.

But Gizmodo could not do that. They held onto something since March 18th which is almost a month ago. They did not do the right thing which would have been to jump into a car run down to Apple and say "Hey someone one brought this to us, we paid them for it like idiots, but we wanted to make sure you got it back". They basically held it, dissected it and showed it to the world. What they did was wrong. It could cost Apple millions in revenue based on now having to go back, rework, redesign, and re-engineer the phone that we're all waiting for should they choose to do that.

Personally this reporter thinks that Gizmodo should be made to pay for that revenue. I think Apple should outrightly SUE Gizmodo for Industrial Espionage and that this should be a very public court case so that people know that other companies should not be entitled to the secrets that Apple holds within their coffers as those are created with the sweat and brain power of those who work for that company.

That's my take on it.

Michael Murdock, CEO

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