Thursday, April 29, 2010

Socrates would be proud...

of this wordpress theme that I am sharing with you in this posting. Why? Because it's one that has a ton of features for a great price and you should just cut to the chase and go get this thing today if you're into Marketing and use wordpress.

Are you stuck trying to build your first website, or frustrated
looking for just the right niche Wordpress theme for your site?

Well, I’ve just found the solution you’ve been waiting for… and
you’re going to love it.

You’re probably familiar with Wordpress.

As the world’s leading blogging platform, Wordpress offers a
number of standard “themes” anyone can use in the design of their

But these themes were not created with you in mind.

So my friend Joel Comm has been developing a premium Wordpress
theme specifically geared toward online marketers and niche
bloggers which can be setup in minutes…

Watch the video at:

You’ve never seen a theme as easy to use with so much

Some of the features include:

- Custom Header Design System

- 160 + Niche Headers

- 1000’s of Design Combinations

- Built in Clickbank Monetization

- Built in Social Media Slider

- Wordpress Tutorials and Training

- Internet Marketing Training videos

- Integrated Affiliate Links for Theme earn 50%

With Socrates, not only can you control all the links on the
primary navigation bar, but there are also give you three
optional navbars. At the top right, bottom left and bottom right.

There’s an optional “Ad Bar” which allows users to insert a
728X90 Ad Unit above their content, and lets them enter a
Clickbank ID to rotate two Clickbank products on the top right.

There is also a “custom html” section in the upper right where
more ad units, optin boxes, or any html code can be added.

It’s get better.. in this same space there are some social icons
for Facebook, Twitter, and your RSS Feed.

- Choose From 50+ Backgrounds or Upload Your Own

The Socrates Theme comes preloaded with 50+ backgrounds to suit
your own personal style.

- Create Custom Headers On The Fly!

Over 160 Niche header designs which you can instantly insert into
your theme and brand with your site title and description.

- Multiple Layout Design

You have the ability to choose left sidebar, right sidebar, and
split sidebar designs with either 150px width or 300px width.

This is just the beginning of Socrates. There are even more
features coming in the next version.

Go check this out now and watch the brief video for an overview
of how Socrates Theme is the answer you have been looking for!

To Your Success,


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Sunday, April 25, 2010

I've asked, I've prayed...

but I received just the opposite. How many times we've read this just recently and it seems to echo along lines of it's time to share with all that which is being shared with us...and so we shall.

What is the opposite? Some would say that they asked for something from the universe, they prayed for it, and then they went off to do other things, but the question we would ask and one that comes through loud and clear was after the asking did they question their deserving or worthiness of receiving such things if even for a second?

If the answer to that question is "well...uh...yes, but it was only for a second!", well in that second which is a moment which is a lifetime, there's more than enough time for the universe to say "you're right, you're NOT worthy, but the person down the street is and so they shall receive that which you feel in this second that you're not worthy of receiving".

See how that goes? it's the same as we discussed in the beginning relative to time and so we will share the keys with you once again so that you're clear on them and can open a space in your heart for them to BE with you:

a. ASK for that which you desire to come into your life. It can be anything that you desire

b. KNOW that you are worthy of receiving what it is that you are asking for

c. OPEN and hold the space for this to come into your life. Simply be present with it as if it already is in your life and you can see it, feel it, touch it, taste it, etc. It's there, it's in your life right now, what's that feel like, grasp that feeling and hold it.

d. BE (there's that word again) OPEN to receiving this without question. If someone walked up and handed you the bag of money that you're asking for what would you say? Would it be anything other than simply "THANK YOU", and if the answer to that question is "Well I'd ask why and I'd say this, or I'd say that", then know that you'll never receive that bag. It's true, receive without question because when you've opened that avenue and capped it with a simple THANK YOU, you've told the universe that you will accept all the good things that it sends your way and receive them into your life and share them with others without filters or restraint, with nothing but love unconditional.

These are the keys to achieving in the shortest amount of time that which you desire to come into your life.

And so it is.


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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Gizmodo....and Apple prototypes...

You know it's funny reading the story about how Gizmodo "does the right thing" and returns the prototype to Apple, "not knowing if it was real" and a lot of other crap that they spouted out to the world as they were caught red-handed divulging development secrets of the new iPhone 4g which is due to ship out in a couple of months.

It's funny to see a blog that we used to respect like Gizmodo screw up the way they did. Taking pictures of something that's not theirs just because they were dumb enough to pay money for it. That doesn't make it right. Their CEO should issue a statement to the world saying that what they did was wrong. It equates to industrial espionage and it's not right. It's a crime and they should pay for it. A lot more than $5,000 that they did to the loser who did not simply drive down to 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino and return it to the front desk. I am sure that someone there would have gotten Steve Jobs on the phone and I am sure he'd have come down and met the person to thank them.

But Gizmodo could not do that. They held onto something since March 18th which is almost a month ago. They did not do the right thing which would have been to jump into a car run down to Apple and say "Hey someone one brought this to us, we paid them for it like idiots, but we wanted to make sure you got it back". They basically held it, dissected it and showed it to the world. What they did was wrong. It could cost Apple millions in revenue based on now having to go back, rework, redesign, and re-engineer the phone that we're all waiting for should they choose to do that.

Personally this reporter thinks that Gizmodo should be made to pay for that revenue. I think Apple should outrightly SUE Gizmodo for Industrial Espionage and that this should be a very public court case so that people know that other companies should not be entitled to the secrets that Apple holds within their coffers as those are created with the sweat and brain power of those who work for that company.

That's my take on it.

Michael Murdock, CEO

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Monday, April 19, 2010

The 5 Reasons Video Squeeze Pages are HOT right now

Michael Murdock here, Do you want to know the five reasons why you should be creating video landing pages for your business? 1. You don't have to hire a high priced copywriter to write a long salespage. 2. You don't have to pay a web designer big bucks to create fancy looking graphics and layouts 3. You don't need to spend a ton of time creating an ebook or infoproduct. 4. All the Top Marketers Are Doing it! You know that's true. 5. All you need is a video camera or screen capture program to create a compelling video, upload to a video service and place the code on a nice looking template. Seriously, the reason video squeeze pages are so popular is that all you have to do is get in front of a video camera and talk for 2 minutes. You can do this for product reviews, lead generation and even product launches. Video is the hottest marketing tactic going right now, and if you want to start creating your own Video squeeze pages then there's only one place to start. You need to check out Dan Nickerson's Hot Video Squeeze Templates Not only are there 56 beautifully designed Video Optin templates, but there are loads of bonus templates, graphics and tons of instructional videos. Dan is even tossing in access to his 22 Day Internet Marketing Bootcamp which is a killer bonus all by itself. If you're ready to get serious about generating leads, sales and traffic using video then these templates are your starting point. Take action today and grab them.. --> To Your Success Michael Murdock P.S. I'm serious about the bonuses.. it's worth grabbing this package just for the extras..

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

So about iPad cases...

Yes, I am posting from my iPad! Ain't that a kick in the pants? :) It truly is. The fun thing about this piece of technology is you can sit it on the desk in a stand and type to it. You can email pictures of it to yourself and include them in the posting (see below), and when you're done with that you can turn it on its side and watch a movie from netflix while you turn back to your desktop to do something else! OH! and if you want to take a magazine to the loo (I was born in Britain I am entitled), you can and it's wireless so you can go with no cords or wires and just get things done.

I LOVE My IPAD!!! I AM AN APPLE FAN MAN (gave up being the boy at least for this posting) :)

Oh! Back to the cases issue. I love the Apple branded iPad case. Only problem is that no one on the planet seems to have them in stock so I was out today running an errand and dropped into Walmart and there on the shelf was...Not an Apple branded case, but a little netbook cover from HP for $20. I checked the measurements and to my delight found that it would hold the iPad although since the iPad is thinner than a netbook that it would move around a little bit. Oh well!!

So now I have a really cool looking case (for now not Apple brand) to hold my wonderful iPad within and protect it when I take it to LA this weekend for the WIN event at the Westin.

Had to share with all my wonderful readers out there. Save some time, save some money if you have to, but get that iPad protected. It's a great tool to use and fun to show off.

Soon to come some impressions about using this thing for daily tasks. It's fun, it really is and if you're not using're missing out on a wonderful thing.


Sent from my iPad

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Friday, April 09, 2010

reBlog from Win an iPad from VIVmag!

I found this fascinating quote today:

Win one of a dozen iPads from VIVmag! Explore VIVmag, the living magazine for women:, Win an iPad from VIVmag!, Apr 2010

You should read the whole article.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

iPad arrived today

Yes it happened. I woke this morning thinking is today the day? Is UPS really going to show up and present me with an iPad or is this one time that I really won't win anything. Well time passed and I did all those paranoid things that one does when expecting something to arrive and when you finally put it out of your mind the truck pulls up.

"Congratulations" I was greeted with by the driver of the brown truck. We have many of these going out today. That for me was nice to hear. I am happy for Steve and the rest of his team at Apple. I get this new move in technology. I understand it, I relate to it and I look forward to showing others how they can embrace it as well and leap forward into using something very powerful which is deceptively light in size. Some think that for a piece of hardware to be functional that it has to have this and have that and do the other. iPad is a window into a new realm of computing. One that feels different, feels safe, and once you lay your fingers on it you'll be swept away too.

Sure there are some things missing, but they are quickly becoming irrelevant. What would appeal is from using safari today, seeing more sites jump to html5 quicker. Those sites that use it load REALLY fast on the iPad. Adobe it's not just about flash games. It's those lousy ads that take the computers down. I did not miss flash once today. My usage on the iPad screamed along. I think I put it down for less than an hour since it arrived. (spent time with Maria & Sophie. family first the iPad).

Okay this is enough for this first long post using the iPad virtual keyboard. Just a side note about that keyboard. When you turn the iPad to landscape the keys become fatter so you can actually type a little bit faster.

I hope you all get a chance to try out the iPad. It's really a fun piece of technology.



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