Today I won an iPad...It's TRUE!

What a day it was to read twitter. I logged in as I do looking through messsages and all of a sudden I see 3 messages in a row and I could not believe my eyes. They were from a company that I had seen a contest on their site, downloaded their software, setup a free account and entered the content to win an iPad.

The messages basically said "Hi, just so you know after you verify things with us, you'll be announced the winner of 1 of 9 iPads that we're giving away. Congrats". I looked twice at the messages, thought they were a joke, ran and got my wife, she looks at them and asks me, is this legit? I look at my screen and there's the icon of the software that I had installed and the tweets were from them. It was legit.

A little later I got a call from their people after I sent them a fax with my information on it and it's true I won.

So what does this all prove? Well...a lot. If you believe in a product, use it. If you see a contest that you'd like to win, know you can win it, hold that thought, enter it, and then put it out of your mind. You may be surprised as I was when the notice comes in that you've truly won.

In case you're wondering, the contest is still open and the site for it is it's backup software for the Mac, the PC, the iPhone as well!

Sign up, tell some people about it as they award additional storage to your account when you do that and enter the iPad contest, send a tweet out with the # tag that they give you and see what happens. Who knows, you might win as well.

I can't wait for April 3rd to arrive as that's the date they begin to ship the iPads and when mine comes I'll post pictures of it here.

Thanks for taking time to read.


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