Loews Lake Las Vegas Resort...

Tonight I had the misfortune to witness something I still cannot believe was allowed to take place. Oh and here's a great piece of news Loews Lake Las Vegas Resort has cameras but NO AUDIO for the security cameras. Okay, who's the idiot running this gin joint?

The Hotel offers a shuttle service and a couple of friends went out for a bite to eat and came back to the hotel without consuming any alcohol. While on the way back to the hotel they were repeatedly verbally accosted by a very immature (and what looked like ex/current military gent who was very insecure in his sexuality around gay people). What then happened in the lobby of the hotel in front of these non-audio recording cameras was a joke that never should have happened and one that Loews General Manager & CEO should take notice off very quickly as their reputation depends on it. I hope that every gay advocate channel out there reads this and jumps down their proverbial throat.

One of the security gents who eventually arrived (they really take their time around here) actually told one of the people offended that they should "keep their sexuality in check", this is after they were attacked by this young guy who really it appears is on his way out of a very large closet. He appeared to be from the midwest (no offense to those in Oklahoma or those parts, but I think he was one of yours, and I say that with all love).

He had a mouth on him that said that he had been abused by his family, and that he had zero respect for women in general as he began to yell obscenities at a woman who was there because she was defending the two gay men. He then proceeded to tell the gay men to "suck his..." and that he was going to "***k" both of them right there, and that he hoped they'd die as a result and if not, he'd kill them. HELLO, ISSUES!!! Security gave this guy a free pass and sent him into the bar. Why? Because they "didn't see anything happen", yet they were watching the lobby cameras and eventually did come down to do something, but in reality did nothing.

Security here mishandled things and when one of the gay men ran to speak with the manager of the day, he was told "that's not your job, I am the head of security". In my opinion, if you're a paying customer in a hotel and the 'head of security' is basically jerking you around you have every right to go over the top of him to the manager of the day and in cases...the newspapers, tv, etc.

To Loew's Management, be aware that there is a letter writing campaign underway right now to every major news outlet in the entire USA telling them that you condone this type of activity in your resort here in Lake Las Vegas. I personally hope that members of GLAAD (I hope I got that right folks) show up at your next few shareholder meetings and let you know that they're not happy about things like this and I also hope that every business seeking to hold their conventions here reconsider doing so and thereby taking the one thing that you apparently hold dearer than human rights and that's MONEY.

Come on LOEWS, get off your backside and do something right about this. Get your security team under a microscope because they're NOT doing their job. Even as I write this that same idiot is on our side of the hotel yelling and screaming his drunk ass off and it's 12:13am.

Sad display of your "hospitality". Hell MOTEL 6 does better than this joint.

Michael Murdock, CEO

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