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CoPilot Live 8 - A Review

[FULL DISCLOSURE - This app is being reviewed at my request to ALK.COM after reading several reviews of the app by magazine people, I decided to step in and see whether or not what they were writing was true or not. I don't believe it was. ALK did provide me a promo code to download the app and to initialize the live traffic element of the software. I have not been compensated for my review in any other form and I have promised ALK and others that this will be a straightforward review. It's not a butterup session. It will point out app deficiencies as well as benefits.] There comes a time when you purchase a phone with a GPS (especially an iPhone) in it that you're going to need an app for navigation. The term app is pretty synonymous with the iPhone and the App Store from Apple.This review is about such an app for the iphone called: CoPilot Live 8 from ALK which is a navigation app to allow you point to point to point navigation either by walking…

Review of CoPilot LIVE coming soon

Have to edit some audios for Maria first, but I can tell you that my experience with this app was filled with...oh you have to wait for the review!! :) I think you'll enjoy it, especially if you use an iPhone and do any kind of driving. Posted via email from DocMurdock - Technology Tidbits


I would have used their iphone charging cable this weekend on our trip to Vegas however, everytime I plug this thing in it give me this:Needless to say we went with the Apple Brand cable which did NOT deliver such a disappointing message and turned out to be completely dependable. MichaelPosted via email from DocMurdock - Technology Tidbits

Loews Lake Las Vegas Resort...

Tonight I had the misfortune to witness something I still cannot believe was allowed to take place. Oh and here's a great piece of news Loews Lake Las Vegas Resort has cameras but NO AUDIO for the security cameras. Okay, who's the idiot running this gin joint? The Hotel offers a shuttle service and a couple of friends went out for a bite to eat and came back to the hotel without consuming any alcohol. While on the way back to the hotel they were repeatedly verbally accosted by a very immature (and what looked like ex/current military gent who was very insecure in his sexuality around gay people). What then happened in the lobby of the hotel in front of these non-audio recording cameras was a joke that never should have happened and one that Loews General Manager & CEO should take notice off very quickly as their reputation depends on it. I hope that every gay advocate channel out there reads this and jumps down their proverbial throat. One of the security gents who event…

Today I won an iPad...It's TRUE!

What a day it was to read twitter. I logged in as I do looking through messsages and all of a sudden I see 3 messages in a row and I could not believe my eyes. They were from a company that I had seen a contest on their site, downloaded their software, setup a free account and entered the content to win an iPad.

The messages basically said "Hi, just so you know after you verify things with us, you'll be announced the winner of 1 of 9 iPads that we're giving away. Congrats". I looked twice at the messages, thought they were a joke, ran and got my wife, she looks at them and asks me, is this legit? I look at my screen and there's the icon of the software that I had installed and the tweets were from them. It was legit.

A little later I got a call from their people after I sent them a fax with my information on it and it's true I won.

So what does this all prove? Well...a lot. If you believe in a product, use it. If you see a contest that you'd like to win, kno…

WOW I really WON!!!!

So much fun to open up twitter and see a message like this. It's true. It's been confirmed.When you see a product you like and can use, sign up for it. You just never know what that
little bit of effort will bring you. I was thinking it'd be nice to have an iPad, now I'll know that
feeling when it arrives. Thanks iDrive!!! & of course Thanks to Twitter too! Best to all. MichaelPosted via email from DocMurdock - Technology Tidbits

To the idiots in Ghana...or wherever you're hiding...

Who are sending out these emails - There are those of us out here that are onto your game and you're losers at playing it. Get a clue!! This email above is a FAKE email trying to get people to click the little link for AOL Billing Methods and then enter their information on the next page that pops up so that these jokers can siphon your bank account. Don't be fooled by any of these. When I receive them I think "Do I have an account with AOL?" and then instead of clicking the link I go right to that website and log in. In this case, I closed my AOL billed account so many years ago I can't remember it. Next up the other clues that this is NOT a legit AOL email: Date: March 9, 2010 1:53:24 PM MSTFrom: AOL <> Subject: SPAM -  Warning NotificationReturn-Path: <>Envelope-To: Delivery-Date: Fri, 12 Mar 2010 12:12:31 -0500Received: from ([] by mailscan08.yourh…