Who's the IDIOT running Mac Software Development at INTUIT????

Someone should FIRE their butt right away and hire someone that has a vested interest in producing software that will encourage MAC users to use the Mac side of the world and not have to boot into Windows to use Quicken because Intuit bailed on the Mac so long ago. The computer that really MADE that company into a company that could afford to develop and market Windows software.

Now that the Mac has an Intel chip inside of it, what's stopping these guys from making something quality based for the Mac? Is it time, innovation...what? Do tell because this Quicken Essentials for the Mac is like a box of crayons being handed to an Architect - Pretty damned useless for precision work.

Here's the list of things that it will/won't do which pretty much mean that my credit card will stay in my pocket and I'll go off and buy the Windows version of Quicken to do my finances when I was on the Intuit site ready to buy this thing until I read what it won't do:

A. Won't Export to Turbo Tax???? HELLO???? MCFLY!!!!! You make Turbo Tax for the Mac!!!!! WHAT Was your Software development Lead smoking when they decided not to implement that function? OUCH

B. Can't do Bill Pay? HELLO!!!!

C. Oh on the investment side, if you need that stuff, buy the 3 year old version of our Mac App Quicken Mac. HUH!!!! What were you doing for the past 3 years when you should have been developing this package for the market today? Don't answer that because there are people out there whose parents tell them they go blind for doing it!!!

To Intuit, I say the same thing I did to Adobe. Get REAL and start making some quality Mac products. Or simply leave the platform and make room for those companies that are doing it. There are less expensive apps that kick your ass in finance on the Mac which is really a sad thing to see. I remember when your founders bought computers from me in Palo Alto, CA long ago. Back then they were driven to succeed in the Mac World. Some where along the way they and the others in the company lost sight of the bigger vision.

Too bad because the rest of us didn't.

Michael Murdock

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