Sponsored Tweets...or...The Magpie

To be honest, I like both.

Okay, so when you have a second go and check this out as everyone and their cousin is asking me how to make some additional income on the web. One surefire way to do it is to tweet things that people find interesting and after a while you'll see opportunities that offer you the ability to have someone pay you for your words. Yes, that is a run-on sentence :)

Anyhow check these folks out as they're pretty good:

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And if they're not your cup of tea, then check these guys out as they've actually had to send me a 1099 from income earned last year which blew me away! I never knew that tweeting could be so profitable. Just so you know, the Magpie has been more controversial, but in the end out of nowhere it delivers cash to my paypal account in such a way that one would say screw the controversy. Yes, there is language used in my postings that comes from the gut. :)

Launch viral advertising campaigns on Twitter with Magpie!

I think that's all to say about this for now. More another time. Enjoy your day!! Tweet On!




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