Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Apple Announces iPad®

I love it when the company that I admire so much comes out with something so cool. The event was today and...WOW. Let the images speak for themselves. Images are property of All rights reserved.

I had to laugh when I saw this one above.

Truth hurts. Netbooks really suck. Plus they run Microsoft Windows. OUCH.

That is a sweet looking device. The grin on Steve's face says it all. He's pleased with this thing.

Thin is in. 0.5in thin. WOW.

You can change the home screen background to be any picture you want. So that must mean that this is
coming to the iPhone as well. That will be cool.

Here's facebook running full screen.

NYTIMES is a free app that you can read the paper with. Yes turn it sideways as well to read specific sections
or portrait style (up and down) to read the whole paper at once and zoom to sections with multi touch.

Full size keyboard for typing on. WOW. Behind that you'll need to know is two-pane email! Look at your
list of emails and on the right side see the messages. Very quickly get to your email with this setup.

Batterylife...WOW. A month of standby time!!! Holy Smokes!

Games...needless to say I think that there will be a full screen version of Bejeweled Blitz for this and OMG
that will be something. showing LIVE VIDEO FEED!!

My thoughts to Amazon...Break out the Kindle Tombstone. Color is in, B&W is OUT and the iBooks store will
compete with you folks bigtime. Smart move would be to reformat your books to work on iPad and expand
your revenue stream that way.

$9.99 for these apps. WOW that is an amazing deal.

Have a USB port waiting for this right now!! Bring it!!

This is good to see that Apple stuck with AT&T. Nice job. Sorry Verizon. Not so fast boys. I guess that
Steve is not happy with what he's seeing from them and so they'll have to wait a bit for anything in that regard.

This is the finishing touch (yes PUN intended). The price of this baby is sweet!! I can feel that $829 model
already gracing my fingertips in the next 90 days. After all, I do deserve a good birthday present, even though
that's March 18th, but still. :)

That's all for now. Glad to see what Apple has done. This is SWEET!!! And it smokes every netbook on the market
for screen resolution & ease of use.

Happy Wednesday!!


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