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Apple Announces iPad®

I love it when the company that I admire so much comes out with something so cool. The event was today and...WOW. Let the images speak for themselves. Images are property of All rights reserved. I had to laugh when I saw this one above. Truth hurts. Netbooks really suck. Plus they run Microsoft Windows. OUCH. That is a sweet looking device. The grin on Steve's face says it all. He's pleased with this thing. Thin is in. 0.5in thin. WOW. You can change the home screen background to be any picture you want. So that must mean that this is coming to the iPhone as well. That will be cool. Here's facebook running full screen. NYTIMES is a free app that you can read the paper with. Yes turn it sideways as well to read specific sections or portrait style (up and down) to read the whole paper at once and zoom to sections with multi touch. Full size keyboard for typing on. WOW. Behind that you'll need to know is two-pane email! Look at your list of emails and on the right side see …

Craigslist fake emails coming around

See the email below. My Apple Mail junk filter caught this (Entourage DID NOT).
Yes it is junk, but the concern is that some will find this look legal and will click the link. Notice that the link has nothing to do with Craigslist. See the yellow band with the pocs... that's the fake site that when you click the link you'll be dropped onto which will ask you for private information. It's called a Phishing email because that's what it's doing. FISHING for a sucker to click the link, fill in the info and have their account stolen. So wanted you to see that this is now coming around. If you see one, delete it and then using your webbrowser, just in case, change your password in your account. Best regards, MichaelPosted via email from DocMurdock - Technology Tidbits

Does this say enough?


Watch out for South Korea Spam emails

A new breed of 'steal your login' emails is making its way around the circuit.These are coming from a south korean domain/hosting company out there. I tracked one today that was trying to get me to download a Microsoft Outlook.exe file to run on my computer to give them access to it. Sorry boys, I use a Macintosh and Apple Mail!!  So beware of anything coming from your domain name that the email reads as follows: From: Subject: For the owner of the insert your email address here To: your actual name Dear user of the mailing service! We are informing you that because of the security upgrade of the mailing service your mailbox (yourname at settings were changed. In order to apply the new set of settings click on the following link: (that next link is to a file that will land on your pc and infect it nastily) and then there's a fake letter ID# after this. Don't click any links, simply delete the message and save yourself …

So what is an Evangelist?

Well...there are a number of definitions for this, but if you go to Webster's (not the little guy from TV, but the dictionary) you find the definition of Evangelist to be:evangelist |iˈvanjəlist|noun1 apersonwhoseeks to convert others to the Christian faith, esp. by public preaching.• a layperson engaged in Christian missionary work.• a zealous advocate of something : he is an evangelist of junk bonds.2 the writer ofone of the four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John) :St. John the Evangelist.The one we're looking at in this case is that of: "A Zealous advocate of something" meaning someone who speaks of a product or service constantly or consistently, and even potentially raves about it. As in Guy Kawasaki is an evangelist of Apple Computer. Or Guy Kawasaki is a Macintosh Evangelist. Not sure whether you're for both or for one now Guy, you'll have to comment on your own.  I evangelize KickStartCart. Why? because they deliver service and support and a produc…