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Yes, we're trekking WEST to California and decided to get rid of all of our great stuff and start anew. So to that end we need some help from those you might know looking for some really great things to put into their spaces. All of the items below are located in Scottsdale Arizona. They are NOT light and will require a truck to move. Please bring your own blankets and such to wrap things in. Also bring CASH. While prices are good, these items are NOT free. We want to ensure they go to a good home.Dining Room Table with 4 chairs. WOOD with Glass Top
6ft by 3ft. China Cabinet as well.42" Vizio Plasma TV with BLU-RAY Player - TV STAND - TV is not
100%, may need a tune up, but works well after warmup. Couch is already gone.
Table is still available. Glass with Metal framing.Chair with footstool, Lamp with ShadeLiving Room Table, as well as Sculpture ($12,000 for sculpture)Queensize bed, Two night stands, Armoire.Doublesize bed, 1 nightstand, dresser Additionally 1 (32" TV…

Default CASE - DocMurdock APPROVED

So you've got your new iPhone 4 and you're looking around to find a case to protect it with. There are a ton of these out on the market, but there is only 1 that struck me enough to ask to review it; Default Case. To find them on the web simply go to The price is what will shock you. $0.01 is what the case costs. Just a penny for now. Now why in the heck would anyone spend a penny for a case when they'll pay more for shipping, etc. Because simply put this case ROCKS! They've discounted these babies by 99.9%! What an amazing marketing campaign. Below is the package outside. Most people shipping cases through the mail don't go through this trouble. They simply put them into an envelope and hope they arrive in one piece. Default Case goes out of its way to ensure you're getting their product without issues.Impressive outside packaging followed by...Impressive protection inside, and finally...The case wrapped in an envelope that says "LET…

Prep for the SAT quickly


CoPilot Live $2.99 Thanksgiving Week Sale!

CoPilot® Live™ GPS Navigation Apps on Sale for Thanksgiving Holiday Award-winning app for smartphones and iPad provides holiday travelers easy-to-use, reliable navigation at a Black Friday bargain price Princeton, NJ - November 22, 2010--CoPilot Live, the full-featured, voice-guided GPS navigation application for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Mobile smartphones is slashing the price of its award-wining apps during the busy Thanksgiving holiday travel week ahead.  CoPilot Live USA for iPhone and Android-powered smartphones is on sale for the bargain price of $2.99.  CoPilot Live North America, which includes maps of the U.S. and Canada, is on sale for iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile smartphones for $9.99.   The hi-resolution, large screen optimized CoPilot Live HD North America app for iPad is on sale for $19.99.  As with all CoPilot Live apps, this is a one-time purchase, there are no ongoing monthly subscription fees.  CoPilot Live provides easy to follow, powerful turn-by-turn…

Copilot Live from and opinions...

So I posted a tweet today for my favorite navigation app on the iphone. I got some people asking me back privately how can I recommend a specific app and say "it's the only app to rate DocMurdock-Approved". Here's the tweet - "Love @copilotlive for my iPhone 4. The ONLY Navigation app to rate DOCMURDOCK - APPROVED. Get it today!" And now for the reasons why: A. I'm DocMurdock. If I like something and give it my stamp of approval...well there you go. It's my stamp :) B. I've tested and reviewed the app and did so against one of the more popular apps on the iPhone, the infamous AT&T Navigator app from AT&T. I've also taken a look at others such as GPS Drive which is cute, but I don't know that I'd trust it on a long distance trip. Would I use it to skedaddle around town? Maybe, but I'd trust Copilot to get me to my destination and if it got me to the wrong place I know that when I submit a map error… watch OUT for.

In our computer world of today there are many wonderful things out there that can be done with the machines we use. We can go through our lives and accomplish much work, we can do our jobs, we can run our companies or we can sit back write code and make people's lives miserable. In the case of the email shown below it's designed to make lives miserable. It's sent out to more than 40 people with a line that's pretty much a dead-giveaway that it's got a virus attached to whatever is on the other end of the link in it. How do I know? Because I've been a victim of one of these. It's no fun. Here's how it happens. You get an email from a friend it looks perfectly normal, you're in a rush and you click the link, you get sent to a website, a bunch of stuff lands on your screen and at the same time on your computer and it infects the whole computer like a plague. It goes into your addressbook, pulls all of your addresses and then composes an email to se…

Have been remiss

Hi Readers, I've been a bit remiss in sending things out to my viewing public on here so I just want to send out a note to let you know that I've not forgotten you and that there is something forth coming in just a bit. Love, Michael (Also if you're looking for a great gift check out the following link to CoPilot Live for the iPhone!) via email from DocMurdock - Technology Tidbits

Great Arizona!

Okay, so you know me. When I really dislike something I will rave about it in a bad way, but when I really like something!!! I WILL TRUMPET ALL OVER ABOUT IT!!!!Hold your ears! It's time to TRUMPET about Arizona Women Networking and Arizona Men Networking owned and run by Gia Heller. Two great networks that play off one another as well as apart from each other. They're great. Ladies, the Women network is a place you can meet like minded individuals who want to help you and your business take off. Men, the same goes for you on the Men side of the world. And when the two networks get together, they're unstoppable. I love the groups, the members, and the mission and so today the DocMurdock APPROVED BIGTIME STAMP goes to: Click the respective links above to check these out and sign up for updates as well as attend interviews to join up. They're selective of their membership. Thanks for taking time to read this and have an amazing weekend. Michael Posted via email from DocMurdo…

Yahoo Search Marketing...Are you kidding me? Fwd: Case #236947578

Is Yahoo really this STUPID? or is it just me reading emails from them and loving their incompetence.
I received this message from Yahoo Search Marketing who I cancelled an account with a few years ago after their editorial process hung up ads for more than a week and cost us over $25,000 in lost revenue and I swore I'd never open an account with them again. Never will. Have no need to have ads hung up that long thank you very much. But in the past couple of weeks they've seen fit to open an account for me in their search marketing area based on an email as simple as the one after their reply? Carol Bartz, PLEASE FIRE YOURSELF before I walk into your next board meeting and have it done for you. Yahoo deserves better leadership, leadership that's much more in tune with what that company could and should be and it's not kissing up Microsoft's backside either. If anything it should forge an alliance with Apple, but that's for me and Steve Jobs to work out when you'…

Our 10-10-10 offerings

So I just wanted to drop a quick note out there to our followers and explain a little about them so you're more clear on why these are great for your business. If you have only one website or blog for your business you're doing a dis-service to your exposure potential on the web. With self-hosted wordpress we can establish a great foundation for your exposure and we tie that together with a proven strategy which works to get you exposed in more places at one time. It's fun for me to receive emails from people who say to me "I see you online all the time!". In fact did you know that I spend less than 30 minutes a day online posting to twitter and facebook each day? It's true. How? Well that's part of the strategy that we implement into our packages for your benefit. It works. Soon you'll be getting those emails and also getting called on by clients asking you how to get them out there more. Let's walk through the packages that are on special tod…

Dual Mobile Receiver with Built-in Bluetooth? HOW COOL IS THAT!!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dual Electronics. All opinions are 100% mine.
One thing that always gets me now is when car stereo manufacturers leave things OUT of their products. Consumers tell them what they want and along the way to shipping the product they just leave out the good stuff. Not the case with DUAL. They've gone over the edge and included something I can't live without now. Access to phone when I am driving! I don't mind wearing the earpiece, but what I do mind (as I am sure you're the same with this) is not being able to hear the other person in the call. DUAL runs that into the ground and gives back with awesome sound quality, call connecting and with a synch cable charges your device at the same time. Others fail with this miserably. Finally someone has listened to the users!
Now another great feature to take note of is...INCLUDED External MICROPHONE! What does that mean? No more headset required to make that call. Now you can r…

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Just one last test of this and we're done. Now you'll know that you can include a signature into a posting with a picture and apply tags to it so that it autoposts to your blog in the right fashion...oooo we gotta check the blog now! Bye!Michael Murdock, CEO
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final test including image in signature

yes, let's see if we place a picture in it if posterous will do the "right thing"Michael Murdock, CEO
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another test

hope this does not get tedious :) It's about customer support, even on the weekends.
Michael Murdock, CEO
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Just testing something for a client

Want to see if my signature shows up in a posterous posting. Posted via email from DocMurdock - Technology Tidbits

Transition Complete

So you may ask transition from where to where. Well it started out many years ago when I signed up with a company called powweb. They were offering hosting at a great price and eventually they were bought by another company and I should have seen the writing on the wall. EIG or Endurance is the company that purchased them and they have a couple of different hosting solutions offered out of Massachusetts. Nothing against MASS having lived in Boston during my early life, but...this company SUCKS.First thing they did was outsource all of the support to overseas which means that the guy or gal in Banglapore does not necessarily feel the same thing you do when your site is down. The phone delays, the language interesting thing happened on the way to searching for a hosting solution to move my sites from...FATCOW Hosting! They looked really good at first...turns out they are a sister company to Powweb and well I was told they were better, their support in Phoenix, just down th…

Apple Keynote in 30 minutes!

And they're streaming it live :) So, does that mean we'll see the technology that Apple will be using to now bring everything to our living rooms? Oh YA! You BETCHA!! Personally I can't wait. After all, am not down with Vizio's Blue Ray player checking out and not delivering a great performance of streaming netflix from the very same connection that my ipad works quite well from. That tells me that their networking is LOUSY in that player, but the iPad is AWESOME! So Apple...take the covers off the good and let's see what's on the buffet today :) Happy Over The Hump Day! MichaelPosted via email from DocMurdock - Technology Tidbits

Do NOT believe everything you read in ADs

Yes, it's that time again folks. Time for me to share with you a little bit of wisdom in advertising.Bait & Switch is illegal in the USA. Hello I was so looking forward to taking advantage of your " -500 4X6 Postcards for $19.95.Use Code 500PC. Limited Time Offer!" But you left two very important words out of your Ad; "SINGLE-SIDED" See when someone like me wants to print postcards for a really great business we want a nice color image on the front and a little bit of black and white text on the back and then we proceed to tell everyone how awesome you are. But when we get to the shopping cart and find out what's below, we call in and we sound as surprised as your agent does when they say "Oh! no, that's for the Single Sided cards, didn't the ad say that?" The answer is...NOPE it sure didn't. So now we take our money and our business back to VISTAPRINT because even though the do a ton o…

Life in the desert...

This is one of the things that makes life in the desert so special. Any afternoon you can step outside and see a piece of artwork in the sky created by...well...the ONE :) Enjoy!Posted via email from DocMurdock - Technology Tidbits

Email blog posting during class

This is a sample email posted during class with the Be Your Magnificence Group.   Love,   Michael Posted via email from DocMurdock - Technology Tidbits

Thanks AT&T...

For at least offering to help on Twitter that is. Hope this guy Jason did not lose his job after stepping up and asking what he could do to help with the iPhone situation.I told him what he could do, but so far only hear the sound of crickets chirping in the form of a response. Personally not surprised. I'll keep fielding the questions of those writing in claiming to be from newspapers and we'll see which one has the stones to print things. Someone out there will and will probably win a PutzPuller for it...Or was that Pulitzer...either way. Happy Friday by the time you read this!! MichaelPosted via email from DocMurdock - Technology Tidbits

The Customer Service Difference between AT&T Small Business & Apple Computer is...

When you walk into an Apple Store and say you run a small business, they bend over backwards to get you out the door with a smile on your face. AT&T on the other hand...Not the same story. Thanks Apple Computer for helping me this morning. The new Magic Mouse is working fine. And the matter we discussed about the website has been detailed and sent up the line to the right person as I promised it would be. You folks in Scottsdale Quarter Apple Retail ROCK! Now, with regards to AT&T...first the retail side of things. Let's take a walk back a couple of years to the first iPhone shall we. Had a few problems with it, did not get serviced by AT&T, was told to take it to the Apple Store and they'd help me out. At the Biltmore in Phoenix...walked in, explained the issue, in less than 5 minutes had a brand new iPhone in my hand ready to go. Biltmore Apple ROCK! Come forward to a year ago, my wife decides she wants an iPhone. We try to sign her up on my reta…

So all the fuss about Android 2.1 is???

I mean come on people! Let's get real! So I did. I got real. I went down to my local AT&T store to try out a phone on the same network as the iPhone 4 which of course has all these problems to see what I was really missing about Android. Okay, so the screen is BIGGER on the Samsung...what was that phone model number, give me a minute, the Samsung Captivate...which has a 1ghz processor, 16gb of storage, a larger screen than the iPhone4, and it runs ANDROID Mike!!!! OH MY, get out my boots.And then there's the iPhone 4. Let's look at that one shall we Johnny!
Here we are Mike, the iPhone 4 from Apple. First exposed by that group of incompetent losers at Gizmodo is some of the worst photographed images in the history of planet earth, sports a 1GHZ processor, 16gb of storage and it runs iOS 4.0.1 from Apple Computer!!!!So what was the test I chose to do? Simple. Google Earth! Both phones have a GPS in them, of course launching the app should not take that long, and I am s…

$100 to get into NO-BS-SEO?

Greetings, You've heard me talk about SEO in the past, and more recently with the announcement of my NO-BS-SEO training course. It's exciting to see people really be interested in learning this process of making their websites more visible on the net. It's fun for me to be able to teach it. What gets me though is what I received in an email yesterday from one of my clients. I guess they were in a mood or something, but here's what the email said: "Dear Michael, I've been a client for a number of years and I saw your offering for the No-bs-seo course that you have coming up. What a great value you're giving to the people who attend your course. I wish I could have known you were coming up with this a bit sooner. I've had some things happen to me and I can't afford the high price of the course. Even the payments are a bit of a stretch, is there anything you can do to help me? Basically you need to know you're not making it easy for a lot of people t…

Where's my website?

That's the trouble, most people build a website but have no idea where it's listed...
So you went out and had that wonderful new shiny website or blog built, you were promised instant customers, but none have shown up. You've gone to google and tried to find it, but it's not listed...the designer said all you needed to do was get the site up and people would magically show up.NEWSFLASH - YOU WERE MISLED!And believe it or not this happens more than once per day. Actually it's a number we're not even going to print here because the number of times per day that this happens is staggering, and if you could turn that number into dollars...Tiger Woods would be showing up to party with you.There's certain steps that you need to take when placing a website onto the internet to get it noticed, to get those magical people to show up and pay attention. They are:a. get the site builtb. get the right code added into the site to make it attractive to search engines.c. hav…

Your Ecommerce needs...

When the maker of a piece of website creating software sends out an email to clients and it shows up like this, it indicates to me a hole in their ecommerce plan. One that can easily be solved by using a site that allows you to sent out a newsletter with images from a secure location, speedily that fill in the blanks so your emails don't look like a jigsaw puzzle and don't get deleted. What system do I recommend you use to avoid this type of issue?
PROSPERITY CART of COURSE!! has a secure image library that you can load up with images that you wish to include in your newsletters and each time someone opens up the newsletter the images are pulled from a secure location such that they show up and the newsletter is complete vs. what you see above. See the example below of a properly constructed newsletter with images all intact. Notice the date of the email in the picture below. January 2010. Here it is in July and the email looks the same, images in pl…

Shopping Carts...

It's always fun when someone asks what a shopping cart is. The temptation from time to time is to say "you know those things down at the store that you jump in and get pushed around by your parents..." but that was a long time ago.In today's marketplace known as the internet a shopping cart is basically an add on to the user experience of visiting your website. This add on allows you to take in payment for goods and services and in some cases also interact with your visitors through emails, opt-in's and more.Why does one need a shopping cart?As I mention it's an add on to the user experience. It allows you to communicate with your visitors by adding autoresponder (emailers) to various things the user clicks. It allows you to send them a broadcast message or newsletter after they've signed up. It allows you to receive payment for goods and services, and more.How do they work?The 'cart' is basically a website that runs a program constantly. When som…


Hope you watch this. Yes, we really do want to share with you all we can about SEO in this webinar course. There are things out there you need to know that you'll never see shared at seminars. You'll get your questions answered. We'll help you implement everything we talk about, and we'll ensure you're setup, informed, and supported after the class has ended. We want you to be raving great things about us. So, take a moment, watch the video, check out the sales page at (and we're working on a blog as well that we'll probably add people's sites into and critique them as well shortly). And then sign up for this. Get your web people involved in this. That site designer that left out your SEO elements...get them on the calls. Ask them why they left these things out of your site after you paid to get them in. Thanks for taking a peek. Email me with questions to: Best, Michael Posted via email from DocMurdock -…

Lunch break...

Are you tired of Seminars? ME TOO!

Now, let me clarify. Are you tired of seminars that you go to that give you a bunch of hype, some pretty marketing materials and in the end you're left with memories of hype, pretty marketing materials and QUESTIONS YOU CAN'T GET ANSWERED without buying the next seminar!! Yeah, me too. Here's where it ends with respect to the SEO Seminars: Yes you can say it. NO BULLSH*T SEO. We're taking the droppings out of the webinar and clearing up the myths. In 3 webinars that are more than 1 hour in length I am going to share with you all of my learnings in the SEO field. A field I am proud to have been a part of for 10 years. I got my start in this early on and eventually perfected things to where I could get sites listed in a matter of hours. Getting them listed is actually easy. It's keeping them there which is key and allowing them to be seen when searched for that's key. We do that as well. So what has happened …

So tonight...with the iPhone 4 out of its case...

We went walking... into the Scottsdale Fashion Plaza and I was so irked that when we actually
got into the mall...I HAD A SIGNAL ON MY iPHONE 4!!!! I am going to SUE CONSUMER REPORTS FOR LYING AND TELLING ME I'D HAVE no signal if I had my hand around my phone. THEY were SO WRONG! HOW COULD THEY LIE!!!Looking down one of the main halls and we then passed a cool store so I had to take a shot of that, see belowSo you know these are shot with NO FLASH at all, just light in the mall and from the stores. That camera takes
some nice looking pictures. But the thing that got me was that after reading the Consumer Reports article and all the other things on the web
that told me how bad my iPhone 4 was and that I was going to lose bars and not be able to get any kind of a signal while
holding the phone like this:Yes the above picture was taken the other day, but I was holding the phone the exact same way this evening and had the same exact display except instead of wireless showing, it was…

My New iPad - A user's guide by Wallace Wang - A review

"Engaging, informative, and most of all fun" - By Michael Murdock And what better way to provide a review for an iPad book than on an iPad, so that's exactly what I am doing. After all, those who know me, know how much I love the iPad. This review is written using the Apple Bluetooth Keyboard as well as the charging dock with the iPad in portrait position to make the editing easier (in my book) :) When I received this book, it took me a few minutes to open it as I was thinking if I were someone who had purchased this book, would it be before or after I got my iPad. So I pondered a bit, picked up the iPad and tooled around with it a bit, then set it down and picked up the book. I immediately found myself caught up in...does it cover this, does it cover that, did he mention this and by the time I put it down I realized "WOW, there were things in there that I'd not only not seen, but found to be very useful." The surprising thing is that I've had my iPa…

But why...

..Does it have to be that way the Angel asked the One. "No it doesn't. It can be this way or that, but the brilliance of this whole thing is you get to choose that which serves you and that which doesn't".

Why would I choose things that don't serve me and the greater good? the question came through in a blur…so that you get to sample the perspective of both and see which one fits into your existence.

You see, it's your playground. I'm merely dropping you off here to play and go and see and do and become one with all so that you can gain more knowledge more wisdom than simply sitting on that cloud as you do wondering about what could be, or what is.

It's your turn to come and to do and to be all that you can in this space, this place called now, this planet known as earth, and to become one of those we call people. You are a child of the One. A child of a greater power in the universe, a child of energy, of light, of creation and one who can accomplish an…

iPhone 4 and bars...

So I ventured to AT&T to see the iPhone4 today. Had to touch one. Looking forward to having one this next week. Yes, something tells me that baby is arriving here to my hot little hands :) Now there's all this talk and video footage of bars being lost on the phone. Notice the upper left corner of the phone...all bars in place. My hand wrapped around the phone covering the antenna exactly where it's not supposed to be according to all those shooting video and for 10 minutes I kept it just like that. Those bars did not budge a centimeter. Nothing. No lost bars, no discoloration on the screen, nothing but WOW sharp text, great speed opening apps, and clear as a whistle video shooting when using the camera. Impressed? OH YEAH! You will be too when you focus on having one and bring it into your life. Get out there, touch one, feel it (it actually feels really nice in the hand), and it did not get warm either during that time period. Not sure what all the hoopla is about, but …

iOS4 add apps to folder within iTunes

I was wondering about this today and was thinking if I was an app and needed to get into a folder how would I go about doing it in iTunes. Well, here's the answer. It's easy! First off while in iTunes, simply click the app tab when you have your iphone plugged in (this should work for the iPod as well). You'll see your list of apps show up and you can choose which ones you want to synch by simply checking the box next to them and then pressing apply and allowing the apps to synch. Now, what I did in this window was create a folder by dragging a web page shortcut for googlevoice and the settings icon on top of each other and created a folder. I left the default name of utilities.Next what I want to do is add AIR SHARING to that same folder, but without having to drag it from Screen 2 into the folder which is this case is in Screen 1 with the calendar, nike and a couple of other apps. Well, I don't have to drag anything! In the screen below you'll see I highlighted…

WordPress Sites Now available PLUS FREE 1 YR SEO PACKAGE - FIRST 5 Signups ONLY

Greetings. I appreciate your taking time to read this email about something new we're offering at sites We're moving into a new era in the web and WordPress is leading the charge with their system which can be set up quickly and provides a nice clean look and feel to a website or blog. What we've done is found a nice clean template to use with the system which allows for the site to: a. look good
b. load quickly
c. make you money by promoting products
d. works with adsense as well as clickbank
e. easily allows you to either use it as a blog or a website or both. We've come up with a couple of options for you which I believe you'll like. A. 5 Page Site with Blog B. 6 Page Site with Blog & Shopping Cart Support PLUS a special offering for the first 5 people who order this package we're going to throw in 1 full year of SEO for the site which is a $2400 value absolutely FREE. Now there is a limit on this package to 1 per client.…