Another PayPal fake email to share

This is an example of a rank amateur sending out one of these things. However, do note that some people will actually click the link thinking they'll get a quick $99 in their account. They won't. Instead they'll end up with an infected computer and a world of problems. The highlighted sections are for your attention to be drawn to.

Things to note:

FROM: this is not from a legit paypal email server

TO: Never will paypal send you an email to Undisclosed anything. Always they will use your full name

Received: this is a domain in france

Received: the 4th received line indicates a user NAMED AMarseille with a specific address using a server in france (real braniac there)

XMAILER: Microsoft Outlook Express - Never used in a business the size of PayPal. What do they use? It's not this.

And then there's the clue of the link to click on. Not even a PayPal link. No graphics included in the email, PayPal always sends out an html based email with its graphics embedded (included) within the emails they send out.

Now this email could easily have been faked through this server, but that's not your concern. If you received something like this, the best thing to do is to forward it to and let them know you received it. They will send it to their fraud division for investigation.

Have an amazing day.


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