AAA for your website!! I hate my webmaster!! :)

Greetings. How many times have you had a problem with your website, tried to find someone to help you and there's nobody around? How many of those times did you have someone on retainer and they were not reachable? Did you ever wish you could call AAA and have them come and rescue your website? Well we're NOT AAA, but we're pretty close. is the site to visit. We're basically AAA without the noisy towtruck. We're here to get in, find out what's wrong with your site and get you back on the Internet (Information Superhighway) fast. Right we're offering some specials you need to know about. Since this is an emergency services offering, we're limiting the number of things that we do to those that need instant fixes. Need a form created, need a page aligned, need things done that you can't do and can't find someone to do, we'll do them fast. We're offering 3 types of "policies": 3 Month, 6 Month, 12 Month and just like your insurance policy we also offer a payment plan. So if you subscribe, then before the next payment decide you don't need this, you can cancel and you won't be charged anything further. So when you have a second, check out and see our offerings there. We have discounts on the FULLPAY products until XMAS Day. We can only take a limited number of clients and provide the high levels of service you expect, so get in early and don't be left out! Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year. We look forward to serving you and making your 2010 one of no website downtime.

Michael Murdock, CEO

480-659-8406 Office
480-335-9008 Cell

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