So...Who are The Many?


Thanks for taking time to read this note as hopefully it will clarify some things for some. I know it will help to solidify that which I asked for and was granted several months ago, and it's always fun to remember when it happened and what's happened as a result of it because it's so amazing.

Having been a study of law of attraction and the spirit it was due to happen at some point, but one could not pick an exact time. What has happened did so at the perfect time as that was deemed by a power greater than mine. I merely opened the channel of request and was granted that which I requested.

It was a day a few months back when I was sitting at my computer responding to various messages on twitter of all places when I was sent a series of messages from someone centered around "TIME" and a concern that there was never enough time, time was missing, they wished they had more time, etc. I was thinking to myself "Why is this person hitting me with these things about TIME?" When in my head I heard a voice simply say "Time is of no concern, there's more than enough time".

When that happened I literally glanced around the room looking to see where the voice was coming from. It was within that moment that I felt a series of chills and then a feeling of being hugged. Nobody was in the room. I was completely alone. I knew that something amazing was going to happen, I did not know when, but this was a good clue.

So I went on about my day and did things, came back to twitter in the evening and there were more messages about TIME. Concerns about time, not enough time, etc., And again the voice "Time is of no concern, there's more than enough time". So I responded to one of the messages and said "This sounds like something I am writing about TIME, I think you'll like it when it's done", or words to that effect.

I then got a bunch of messages asking when it was going to be done, they needed this thing now, could I send a draft, etc. I was in shock, when the voice came back and said "Pay Attention", I responded with a note simply saying "Before this night is over, this will be done".

I had no idea what I was going to say, what I was going to write, how this was going to happen, I only knew that it needed to happen. So I took a deep breath and asked the Universe for some help.

"Universe, I know that I am worthy of receiving all that I ask for. I am deserving of the same, I am tired and weary of questioning my worthiness and I ask to be shown, to be shared with, and to be a channel of messages to any and all. I commit to share what is presented to me in an unfiltered fashion so that they may know these are not of me, but of many beyond this time and space, please bring this to me now so that I may answer these questions of TIME and so much more"

In the time that I said that and took another breath there was a massive question mark that formed in my head and I asked "AM I TRULY WORTHY?" the voice came back and said "YES, YOU ARE WORTHY, and it because YOU HAVE ASKED, SO SHALL YOU NOW RECEIVE".

My entire body felt like it was on fire. My hands flew across the keyboard and I began to type. In what seemed like hours I typed and typed and typed and finally in the end I looked at the clock and a mere 10 minutes had passed in human terms of time. I laughed as I looked at the clock and it literally jumped forward 10 minutes to signify to me the passing of that period of time.

What I then began to hear in my head were voices. Not voices of a strange nature but voices of love, of connection, of clarity, of knowledge, wisdom, understanding. Many, many voices. I did not know what to call these voices as there were so many of them. At first I called them the 100 as there was literally 100 of them coming at me, but now it feels so right to simply name them as "The Many". They speak in different voices, but when they have a point to get across it comes through as a clear harmonious chord of information that that's flowed through me and shared outwardly to others with unconditional love. No judgement, no blame, no shame.

The Many have come and spoken to many through the website link below:


And also through connections directly with some who will probably come forward and speak as a result of reading this writing. We're happy to be able to share when we are asked.

So when I speak and you notice that I type as WE, that's them coming through me to you. Simply put I get to be Me, Michael. I maintain my freedom of choice and of being the person that I am, but I speak at times with a voice that carries with it range, color, and toning of the many. I've spoken with spirituals who've witnessed this and been delighted at it. It's fun to be able to share with all that which is seen from the broader perspective and I am so grateful and humbled to have been chosen at this time to do so.

I am also grateful for the mechanism of places like facebook, twitter, and others to allow me to speak as this and to share what comes through. It's interesting to see the reactions that surface in others and what comes up around what's shared. We share without reservation as that's what was committed to. You're welcome to question this and we encourage that you do as that's how in your heart you'll see that you two are worthy of the connection to source. It's literally there for the asking. It's when you start with your heart, connect deeply to know, and begin to know without question that you are deserving, that this channel opens and it never ceases to flow.

With much love for all, understanding, wisdom and peace.

And so it is.

Michael & The Many

Posted via email from Guide in Light

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