Our CYBER MONDAY Promotion

This weekend I was asked if I was going to do something special for CyberMonday. I did some thinking and then came up with an idea.

So here are the details below and the LINK is HERE => http://tinyurl.com/lxkfe5 <=

The Coupon Code to use in the Shopping Cart is this: CYBER (probably the only time this word is used in a good fashion)

And what this will do is take $3,900 OFF the price of our 1year SEO/Social Media Promotions package.

Here's some information on what the package includes for your website or wordpress based blog:

1. SEO for your Website or WordPress Blog, includes ongoing titles, descriptions, keyword changes
2. Social Network Promos 4 times Monthly (Facebook/Twitter) 
3. Emails out to various lists tied to your market 4 times during year
4. Press Release Promotion - 4 Press Releases. You write, We promote
5. Additional promotions of you, your business, to your market & beyond
6. Additional Consulting tied to resources to market you & your website
*This package covers 5 pages of your website or WordPress blog only*

**Price is per website or WordPress blog** Yes you can order more than 1 package.

This program is one which will give you visibility in a social media setting. It's important to know that we're tying this consulting into this as a way of keeping you accountable to your vision and your business in the social media settings. You will be talking about your business as well as expanding your presence in the social media circles. We'll coach you, guide you, and be there to support you should you run into waters you're not sure of swimming in.

Now because of the amount of work involved in this package and the amount of my time that you'll be receiving, we're only offering 5 of these packages and we put this out on twitter as well.

Don't waste time, get over and get signed up for this as they'll go before the day is over and this offer will not be repeated.

This brings the cost of the program down to just $2,100 For the value you're receiving this is an amazing deal.

Here's the link once again => http://tinyurl.com/lxkfe5 <=


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