More fake holiday emails

Okay, here's two. The first is from BOFA (or supposedly from them), What the person sending it does not know is that I closed my BOFA account over 4 years ago and have never looked back at BOFA. So they send this email asking me to click a link. Not happening. What you can see in the header information of the email is that it's sent by some place in MEXICO it appears. OUCH.

This next one is from Sharebuilder. What's funny about this is that I have an account with them, but with a classified email address that they'll never figure out. The funny part about this message is that it's sent from OUTLOOK EXPRESS. I guess these guys could not afford a new netbook with Windows 7 yet!!!

The sad part about it is that someone else receiving this message may react quickly and click the link. Not a good thing. Just delete these messages when you see them, they are NOT from the place that they appear to have been sent from.

This email originates somewhere around Norway according to the tracking numbers in it. Best thing you can do is delete these. I dig into the header information in them just for kicks and to see what things people are doing.

Am not sure if a webinar would be helpful for some to cover this, but if so, let me know and we can put on one.
Remember to just delete these emails. Don't click on anything in them, and do not forward them to me, simply delete them.


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