Friday the 13th...Something Special for you

**NOTE this is good until 12Midnight November 14th, 2009**

There's a thought out there that good things don't happen on this date. Well until 12 Midnight tonight you can have them happen to your website or wordpress blog for the next 6 months, AND the first 10 people who use the code word of MORE in the shopping cart will save an additional $800 off the package price of what I am going to discuss below.

If you want to skip the reading, click this link and purchase: - You'll notice this link pasted below a few times, it's to make it easy for you when you're ready to take advantage of this offering which expires at 6pm on the 14th.

Otherwise read on - 

Before we get to the pricing of this package. I want to share some thoughts with you about why you'd want this and what it can do for your website and your business at large.

Search engine optimization or website optimization as its also known is the process by which your website is made to be more visible on the web when appearing as a result of someone searching for something.

In english, someone goes to google, yahoo or bing, types in something related to what you do for business, your website shows up on page 1.

I get these next 5 questions all the time:

a. So how does this happen? 
b. Is it automatic?
c. I heard if I had a blog that this is not necessary, is that true?
d. Will I get more sales from this?
e. What does this do for my business?

The answers to those (which you may be asking right now are):

a. It happens by taking your website information and presenting it to the various search engines once some changes have been made to the site to make it more "attractive" to the search engine. None of these changes are related to the design of the site per se', but rather to some specific code areas within the backside or code area of the website or blog.

b. Yes and no. Some companies will use automatic software to submit your website to the search engines. The ones that do are leaving out some key elements that we don't because we submit both manually and automatically. You never want to work with a company that only does one and not the other. Reason why is because they'll miss some key submission times and days and that will do a disservice to your sites exposure on the web.

c. blogs are nothing more than websites that allow a user to more readily add content to them. Some are easy to perform SEO on as a result of plugins, some others are complex and do not allow the flexibility desired so they're more difficult to promote to the search engines.

d. You may, or you may not. It's never the intent of SEO to produce more sales. The intent is exposure of your website to your target market as a result of their search and to render a result to them of your brand being very visible to them within the results of their search. Top 5-8 results.

e. For your business what SEO really does is to increase exposure of your website in the search results of what people are seeking on the web. Can it increase sales? Sure it can, but that's never the intent. It's the wish and the dream of many that it does, but the plain truth of the matter is that's NOT what the purpose of SEO is, and this is where many SEO's get in trouble because they don't set or manage customer expectations correctly.

So that's the top 5 questions asked of me all the time. Let's take that last one and expand on it a little bit though because you can increase sales with SEO by doing some extra work in some areas that I coach and teach and include in the package that you're going to see when you click that link below. By doing/performing certain regular tasks in combination with good quality SEO, you can increase your sales. BUT These are things that YOU as the owner of your business need to do, we can only advise you what they are, look over what you're putting out, and offer suggestions and guidance around what to do, how often, and what not to do.

If you want to skip the reading, click this link and purchase:

Okay, so what exactly did we do? Well...I put together a package and we're calling it BIGSEO Friday the 13th. Price? $1800.00 and it runs for 6 months. But for the first 10 people signing up, we've slipped in an additional discount for your taking action. Use the code MORE in the shopping cart and when you click Apply you'll save an ADDITIONAL $800 off the price! $1,000 for a really great package, details are on the page when you click the link below!

Why? Because it's nice to get something really great for a really low price on a day like Friday the 13th. After all, you deserve it! << Click here, submit your payment info and lets get to work putting your website on page 1 of the top search engines.

See you on the other side.

Michael Murdock, CEO

7904 E Chaparral Rd.
Suite A110, PMB # 148
Scottsdale, AZ

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