Can I have payments?

If you're asking for payments when payments are not offered, you're thinking in lack & limitation. When you're ready for a product or a service, the avenue will show up for you to be able to get what you seek. Don't always seek the shortcut as it's a way to create more lack in your sphere. We know that's not what you seek to do.
What we find is that more who show up in complete resonance with something, the more success they have in it. But when they seek to get all of something and they're not prepared to pay for that product or service, but they want it all now, they desire it all now, they must have it all you feel the scarcity perpetuating as a result of the fear of never being able to achieve full payment with it? It's right there in those words. If you don't see payments offered, ask for that which you desire, but if the answer is that payments are not available then it's in complete integrity with you to stop, breathe, and know this is not the right time for you to be with this product or service as it may distract you from your actual path which you're on.

Timing is something that will appear for you when you have room in your sphere for this. Breathe, know that it will be as it's supposed to be and that you can achieve this.

The means and the path by which you can achieve it shall appear.

We love you.

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