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Support...Does it matter? Answer = YES

So the question today is one that I feel needs answering on a number of
levels. Companies who operate within the US should hold themselves in
today's age of twitter substantially more accountable and responsive to the
needs of the public. This includes those who operate small businesses from
their home and share resources with clients and friends alike. Stop outsourcing support overseas and start taking time to work WITH customers. Talk WITH them.
Don't talk DOWN to them. They pay your paychecks by purchasing your products.
Stop focusing so much on the new Ferrari and focus more on giving back and helping
others achieve the results you promise in your advertisements. If you can't then admit it
and get back to the drawing board. Some software changes lives. Filing is important.
Doing it digitally does things to help our planet as well. Now, granted this past weekend was a holiday weekend. However, when support
calls are responded to on a holiday weekend that means someon…

Our CYBER MONDAY Promotion

This weekend I was asked if I was going to do something special for CyberMonday. I did some thinking and then came up with an idea.So here are the details below and the LINK is HERE => <= The Coupon Code to use in the Shopping Cart is this: CYBER (probably the only time this word is used in a good fashion) And what this will do is take $3,900 OFF the price of our 1year SEO/Social Media Promotions package. Here's some information on what the package includes for your website or wordpress based blog: 1. SEO for your Website or WordPress Blog, includes ongoing titles, descriptions, keyword changes
2. Social Network Promos 4 times Monthly (Facebook/Twitter) 
3. Emails out to various lists tied to your market 4 times during year
4. Press Release Promotion - 4 Press Releases. You write, We promote
5. Additional promotions of you, your business, to your market & beyond
6. Additional Consulting tied to resources to market you & your website
*This package cov…

Simply put...

Verizon has iPhonENVY™!!Posted via email from DocMurdock - Technology Tidbits

Yet another fake paypal email

Just to share with you this one, I just received. Am highlighting the issues inside of if so you can see where the fakeness is: So all the info in yellow is the fake things. PayPal did not send this. They don't use Outlook Express to send emails out. They always use your proper information and they never ask you to click a link in an email to verify anything. The link below in the email will drop all sorts of things on your computer when you click it, so never do that in these emails, simply forward them to and then delete the original email. Thanks, MichaelPosted via email from DocMurdock - Technology Tidbits

More fake holiday emails

Okay, here's two. The first is from BOFA (or supposedly from them), What the person sending it does not know is that I closed my BOFA account over 4 years ago and have never looked back at BOFA. So they send this email asking me to click a link. Not happening. What you can see in the header information of the email is that it's sent by some place in MEXICO it appears. OUCH.This next one is from Sharebuilder. What's funny about this is that I have an account with them, but with a classified email address that they'll never figure out. The funny part about this message is that it's sent from OUTLOOK EXPRESS. I guess these guys could not afford a new netbook with Windows 7 yet!!! The sad part about it is that someone else receiving this message may react quickly and click the link. Not a good thing. Just delete these messages when you see them, they are NOT from the place that they appear to have been sent from. This email originates somewhere around Norway accordi…

Picked up your copy yet?

Passion to Prosperity class

Talking about posterous. Sent from my iPhone Posted via email from Michael's Musings

Gotten one of these recently?

The picture below is from a FAKE email being sent around trying to get people to click links in them and go to websites, sign in with your information and give the crooks a way to: a. steal your identity
b. empty your bank account
c. both You'll see them more and more often around this time of the year. A lot of them from Paypal (it appears, but really not them). If you receive one of the paypal ones, simply forward the email to them at and they will set out to alert all of their clients about it. They're really good about following up on them. Please watch out during the holidays and don't get taken to the cleaners by some Scrooge.Happy Thanksgiving to all in advance of the day. MichaelPosted via email from Michael's Musings

Maria Simone New Teleclass!!!

It's another great teleclass from the master of them.Sign up today & learn about the 30 day makeover! It's FREE!!! Sign up today!

Posted via email from Michael's Musings

Many have asked...The Many have answered

Greetings to all,It's time. It's time to share with you that which you desire to hear, to feel, to know. That which you have asked for in your heart, to find clarity, direction, support, guidance, an ear, someone to listen and then to share with you thoughts which will guide you, show you options open to you and with unconditional love show you the choices you can either make or not make. Many have asked how they can connect with The Many and gain these insights. Michael has prepared such a space and is now opening those doors for those of you who wish to make this connection. We merely ask that you read the information there before proceeding & understand that your results will in the end be determined by you. This is not a magical pill as only you have the magic to create & make your life and your time here what you desire it to be. We're merely the guides showing you the path and we're here to support you with unconditional love along your way. Click below to …

Thank you God

Thank you God. Thank you Universe. Thank you all creation and all those who are here as well as those who've left for this wondrous day. We love you. We believe in you. We cherish you, but most of all we love ourselves & are open to receiving all the greatness you're sending our way at our request as we are worthy. Bless you, bless us, bless all. Posted via email from Guides in Light

Can I have payments?

If you're asking for payments when payments are not offered, you're thinking in lack & limitation. When you're ready for a product or a service, the avenue will show up for you to be able to get what you seek. Don't always seek the shortcut as it's a way to create more lack in your sphere. We know that's not what you seek to do.
What we find is that more who show up in complete resonance with something, the more success they have in it. But when they seek to get all of something and they're not prepared to pay for that product or service, but they want it all now, they desire it all now, they must have it all you feel the scarcity perpetuating as a result of the fear of never being able to achieve full payment with it? It's right there in those words. If you don't see payments offered, ask for that which you desire, but if the answer is that payments are not available then it's in complete integrity with you to stop, breathe, and k…

You can make money on Twitter by getting sponsored by companies that match your audience... visit Posted via email from Michael's Musings

Self worth...

If someone says something about how you look, does it bother you? Do you react to it? If so, this is about your self-worth & how you feel about you. It has nothing to do with them. They're a mirror who appeared in your life to show you something about you that you desire to heal. Look to it as guidance, not "AN INSULT". There's no good or bad, there is merely "the lesson" & what you receive from it to share with others. We love you. Posted via email from Guides in Light

When you're committed...

When you are truly committed to your vision, to what you desire to achieve, all will show up magically for you. If money is missing, check with your loving of you and knowing of selfworth. If resources are missing, are they what you really need now in this moment to be successful? If clients are missing, would you really be able to step up & be present with them, or would they be a distraction from you & the creation of the business. When you're ready for them, the universe will roll the red carpet out for them to walk up to and ring the doorbell. It's all about you, the love of you, your connection to you, and your love of all that is. Without love, nothing is possible.Posted via email from Guides in Light

When you're committed...

When you are truly committed to your vision, to what you desire to achieve, all will show up magically for you. If money is missing, check with your loving of you and knowing of selfworth. If resources are missing, are they what you really need now in this moment to be successful? If clients are missing, would you really be able to step up & be present with them, or would they be a distraction from you & the creation of the business. When you're ready for them, the universe will roll the red carpet out for them to walk up to and ring the doorbell. It's all about you, the love of you, your connection to you, and your love of all that is. Without love, nothing is possible.Posted via email from Michael's Musings

Killer Traffic Generating software...

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Friday the 13th...Something Special for you

**NOTE this is good until 12Midnight November 14th, 2009**There's a thought out there that good things don't happen on this date. Well until 12 Midnight tonight you can have them happen to your website or wordpress blog for the next 6 months, AND the first 10 people who use the code word of MORE in the shopping cart will save an additional $800 off the package price of what I am going to discuss below.If you want to skip the reading, click this link and purchase: - You'll notice this link pasted below a few times, it's to make it easy for you when you're ready to take advantage of this offering which expires at 6pm on the 14th.Otherwise read on - Before we get to the pricing of this package. I want to share some thoughts with you about why you'd want this and what it can do for your website and your business at large.Search engine optimization or website optimization as its also known is the process by which your website is made to be…

A shortage...What shortage?

The only shortage is that created by us. The fear of shortage or lack is created by us to challenge us to achieve greater heights. Why place the mountain in front of you when you know you can achieve whatever you desire? Just put the Nike's on and dash through it, not around it, not over it, but through it. You put it there, it's nothing but an illusion. So long as you are drawn to there being a shortage there shall be. Know this: The abundance you seek outside of you is within you. Wipe the fog from the window to your soul and see what's waiting there for you to take. It's all within you. Once you do this, those material things you seek will be drawn to you as iron filings to a magnet are so drawn. And so it is. -The Many Posted via email from Guides in Light

So...Who are The Many?

Welcome. Thanks for taking time to read this note as hopefully it will clarify some things for some. I know it will help to solidify that which I asked for and was granted several months ago, and it's always fun to remember when it happened and what's happened as a result of it because it's so amazing. Having been a study of law of attraction and the spirit it was due to happen at some point, but one could not pick an exact time. What has happened did so at the perfect time as that was deemed by a power greater than mine. I merely opened the channel of request and was granted that which I requested. It was a day a few months back when I was sitting at my computer responding to various messages on twitter of all places when I was sent a series of messages from someone centered around "TIME" and a concern that there was never enough time, time was missing, they wished they had more time, etc. I was thinking to myself "Why is this person hitting me with these …

Mac OSX 10.6.2 is out

Mac Users: OSX 10.6.2 is out. Make sure you do a software update after quitting all of your running programs. It's a bit snappier, seems to use less ram memory to run with, and my Mac Mini is running cooler since installing it, so there may have been some efficiency updates that they're not disclosing :) I love those!Posted via email from Michael's Musings

Strange Macintosh Behavior

Have you ever opened your Apple Mail and there's no messages bolded so it appears as if you've read them all? Or you send out a message and the font is bold even when you tell it not to be? This happened to me this morning and I found a quick solution that saved me from rebooting the computer. QUIT the FINDER - Now your questions is probably two fold, but basically the Finder is what you look at when you're looking at your screen and the Apple Menu in the upper left has the word FINDER next to it like so:How do you quit the finder? Simple, Go under the Finder menu to the last item on the menu and select it. It's the QUIT function.This will cause all of your icons sitting on your desktop to vanish. To bring them back, simply click on the Smiling Face Icon at the far left of your DOCKWhen you've done this, the icons will magically reappear. Notice also that when the Finder is not running, it's like any other application in that the little glow dot is gone from …

Thanks! 50 signups in 20 minutes!

Amazing response last night. We had 50 signups for SITEReview in just 20 minutes! So the special pricing is over for the package. What we did not tell you was that we bundled in some additional services to the package and actually the value of the package is more than $2500. We've set the price to what the package should have been for anyone else looking to get into it. When you're offered an opportunity, sometimes it's good to get in early We appreciate the opportunity to be of service to many. We're only taking 10 at this new level, so if you're committed to seeing your website return some of your investment to you, and you're committed to your web business, then take a moment, sign up and let's get to working on you and your site and helping both achieve their goals quickly. Here's your link: SITEReview And if you hurry and use the code 2ndchance you'll get a surprise discount.  Make sure you click the Apply button in the shopping cart to see your dis…

If you're busy...

If you're BUSY, are you really achieving anything out of the BUSYNESS? Probably not. Normally busyness is created when you don't have a plan and you're grasping at straws. Work even though a four letter word some despise can be fun and enjoyable when it's your passion. So breathe, know you deserve great things, that everything you need to achieve your goals is lining up for you, and just go for it. FEAR? Imagined & created resistance by others to stop you due to their lack of belief in them. You know better :) We love you. Posted via email from Michael's posterous

Turn Website Visitors into Prospects & Prospects into Buyers

There's a ton of science around this subject, but I will distill it down for you very quickly so that it's not confusing. I have the power to help you turn your website visitors into prospects and those prospects into buyers.Are you ready? Good.You've built a website or had one built. People are showing up (or not, because you're not promoting it), and when they reach your site they leave quickly and don't purchase. There's a number of reasons why they're leaving and yes they are all because of you. Why? Energetically you don't deserve them. Now what do I mean when I say that and will you be required to get into a sweat lodge to find out? Absolutely not. And here's what I mean.When you had your site built, energetically you were not clear about what you wanted the site to accomplish for you. Yes, for you. Since you are your business and your business is you the two are synonymous.How do we shift this? Well first we have to look at the problem, under…

Michael Jackson - "This is It"

Having grown up on the music of the Jackson 5, the Jackson's, then Michael it's been a roller coaster of a musical life and to see the news a couple of months ago and all that's happened, it's sad to see that he's physically gone from us. In the spiritual sense he's still here with us and speaking to us each time we listen to one of his songs or think of him. So yesterday it was fun to have Maria say to me "Let's go see "This is It" tomorrow". I could not wait to go see this after seeing some of the footage and hearing the reviews. I wanted to see it for myself. Most concert style films that you see are very documentary-ish and laden with lousy cuts from some editor looking to do his version of things. In looking at this film I think that Michael would have been proud of what they did with it. It was fun to see him dancing, signing, talking to people during the process, coaching the dancers, singers, musicians on how HE wanted his mus…