Friday, October 23, 2009

Thanks for following my postings

To All those who sign up to follow the rantings of mine over technology or whatever else happens to pop into my viewfinder, thanks. It's great to know that some of this appeals or at least amuses you. When you have time drop over to to learn more about who you're tailgating and obviously if you ever have questions or simply wish to ask for help with something, I can always be reached through but not abused through Yes I do answer my own emails even though I sift through literally hundreds of them daily.

Welcome to the new age of introductions. My name is Michael Murdock, formerly PIXAR's MAC Guy from 1991-1997, credited in Toy Story and you've just stepped onto the roller coaster of technology ZEN.

Oh! that reminds me, make sure to check out the Zen of Technology show on facebook as well as

Lastly if ANYONE out there wants a YEAR of One on One Mac support from me personally, yes that's 1 year's worth of Mac Support contact me and we'll work out the details of that. Just know that it will include the purchase of a 17" MacbookPro, specifications to be provided before we engage in our workings together. And this offer is only for 1 individual. This person will be someone who is either local to Scottsdale, or visits here from time to time, or someone distant to wants to work via screen sharing on projects and needs a professional to guide them through personalized instruction and they don't wish to settle for time at a crowded Genius Bar at an Apple Store, or they need help when those resources are not available. I assure you I have in my time on the Mac (since 1984) forgotten more than most others have ever learned about this computer system and how it operates. I am well worth the investment you'll be making, and you'll benefit exponentially from this experience for years to come.

Chat with you all soon!


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