IOMEGA...What the hell happened to your support???

Back in the early days of IOMEGA it was fun to watch the company. In fact it was fun to see the Motley Fools talk about how much the stock was going to gain so that we could all day trade it and make a fortune (I did), and know others who were with a company called MetaTools who simply (inside traded it), but that was then and the statute of limitations is probably up by now right Julie? :) LOL Yeah I kept those emails.

But back to my point, what happened to your support? To say it's downhill is an understatement. Let's go to the video tape shall we! Well no because I am not going to invest any more into this adventure other than to warn others away from these products. I am stuck with one because for now it's the only thing out there in a good looking MacMini form factor that will provide the USB and FIREWIRE ports I require.

1 Terabyte MiniMax drive. Purchased from less than 4 months ago. About 2 months ago it starts not mounting completely when powering on from Windows to OSX in my MacMini. See the Mini has a split drive which allows me to run OSX in one partition and Windows in a bootcamp partition. That all works flawlessly. So I bought the MiniMax to add some additional USB/Firewire functionality to the computer system. It worked great for about 2 weeks, then started not mounting completely. I did some drive repairs with no problems.

Time passes, I make backups to the drive, kept it fairly full and all of a sudden the drive verify fails the other day and says backup and reformat the drive. So I did that. Restored data to the drive (thank goodness did not delete that stuff), and today the drive sounded like there was a collection of hamsters holding race day inside it. No fan in this unit (whoever designed it that way should leave the planet as this sucker gets HOT). So I call Iomega. Am told on the phone even though the drive is under warranty to do a 1on1chat with an agent and he'll help out and this is my quickest solution.

4 Months of stability for a hard drive (SEAGATE 1TB is pretty SAD. It's gotta be an issue with heat doing in the drive that quickly)

The agent typing was the slowest typer on the planet. My mom can type faster than that and she does not even type. She can write faster than that and she's not doing well in the writing areas. But wait!!! The best part is yet to come. Cost to replace the drive is $40.00. Okay, I guess paying $40.00 for your defective drive unit is ok...not really, but okay and I am going to get a brand-new-unit right? NO SIR. YOU'RE GOING TO GET A REFURBISHED UNIT.

HUH????? What happened to sending out new product to replace defective product? Where's the service? And since when does UPS Charge to create a prepaid shipping bill? Hello?

IOMEGA used to provide top-notch support for its products. I for one after having owned many of them am in the process of throwing out every IOMEGA product that I own and will only keep the MiniMax when it comes in after I have opened it up and installed a fan into it so that it does not fry the eggs off my Mac Mini anymore.

BEWARE when shopping and when dealing with returns that you are being provided NEW Product, not used garbage when a company charges you for anything.

IOMEGA treat EVERY customer like they have twitter because some of us do, and we do know how to use it.

Michael Murdock, CEO

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