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What Is Google Snatch Ultimatum?

There is no doubt about Latif’s excessive internet marketing knowledge after his success with Google Snatch 1 and 2 that took the internet by storm back in 2007 and continues to get rave reviews still to this date. Since then, many have tried to borrow, rehash or plain out copy the Free Click Formula into their own reports and info products. But if Latif spilled the beans in the previous Google Snatch’s, what more has he got to tell us? Well the answer is simple, the Internet has evolved miraculously and still is, where there were a handful of niches, now there are thousands. New ways have been discovered and explored, tried and tested, for you to fully benefit from his experience on the internet. I’m a total newbie on the Internet, what is Google Snatch? Google Snatch is the success story of a bedroom internet marketer who took on BIG cooperation’s and made 7 figures. Latif shares how he went head to head with some of the biggest corporations! He implemented his own technique…

Waking up...

Was waking and for some reason this sentence came to my head:
A diesel attends into the vintage.

Not sure what it was, but it's here and one can only think it means something interesting like...It's time to wake up! and get some coffee :)
Ciao for now.