Shoutback...Apologize to Microsoft? ARE YOU HIGH?

Apologize to Microsoft? Okay, who's the prankster that let that idiot write a story like that. Obviously he's a Microsoft proponent who has a stick up his backside over something that he could not get on the iTunes Store because it was developed in direct conflict with the rules set aside for developers of apps for the iPhone. GET OVER IT. Apologize to this (insert very large middle finger right here). Get a clue. When you're developing something to sell for a platform that is structured, you either follow the rules of the provider or your app does not ship. Google broke the rules. They know it. They tried a fast one and they're paying the price for it. Apple has rules for development as well as a look and feel for its applications. They are called Interface Guidelines for a reason. They're tested, they're refined and they're very consistent which makes it easy to know you're on a Mac or an iPhone because of the way things function. Apple had to bend its own rules for development on the PC to put certain things in certain places, but they did it. Apple's apps still look better on a PC than other PC apps do. Why? Because they're still solidly developed apps with a basis in human interface to machine design. Microsoft on the other hand has consistently produced bad software and has ruthlessly copied Apple from day 1. Now, why don't you go and write something from Microsoft Apologizing to MILLIONS of people for having screwed up their computers with the ever-loving always on Mail Preview in Outlook Express & Windows Mail which allows an html resident trojan to be launched the moment a mail message is opened? Why don't you do that because I personally know of more than 10,000 companies that lost BILLIONS in downtime because of that little error. Did Microsoft ever cop to it and annie up any dead presidents over that? NOPE. What did they do? VISTA!!! Wooohooo!!! Vista with all it's issues and OH the upgrade price...many flavors and wait for it!!!! YOU NEED to BUY A NEW COMPUTER BEFORE YOU CAN USE IT!!! (DO NOT COMPARE SNOW LEOPARD to this as Apple has been telling people for more than a year that it will only run on an Intel Mac). Microsoft led everyone down a rosy path and then with only a few months till launch said "Oh, but you'll have to buy this and that and the other") So before you go apologizing for Silicon Valley as a whole, you really should go back to school and do your research as some of us have busted our asses to clean up the messes that Microsoft has perpetuated on our clients, not the little miniscule amounts of things that you're trying turn into Mountains related to what Apple is being put into the news over. some research on your stories because some of the 'facts' you purport like ALL NEWS PEOPLE are somewhat contorted to "make the news". Pretty sad and lame. Michael Murdock, CEO and MORE than happy to sit down and discuss Microsoft, Apple, and technology in general with ANYONE.

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