Pagerank of 0 attained

You know on Alexa a ranking of 0 would mean most popular, but on Google it means least. My website after my postings about GMAIL being down yesterday dropped from where it was originally at a 6, to a 3 and now to a 0 and has fallen out of listings for the term: internet business consulting where it was number 2 for more than the past 12 months.

Why? Because the search engine higherups had it pulled. Or there is some engineer over there who is about to get fired for getting the company such bad press as when I get to finding who did this...well his butt is grass and my keyboard is the lawn mower. :)

I would not be surprised if Larry, Sergey & even Eric were at the bottom of this. After all why should they let anyone back talk about their company and their flagship mail product and bash it because it was not available most of the morning yesterday the 20th of August 2009 during the hours of oh around...I'll have to go back and check my posting on posterous because it was at that time that I was engaged in phone conversation and had to get to the email store.

But to muck with pagerank for a site that does not break rules, that is compliant with webmaster specs, and that helps people get ranked onto google, yahoo, bing...that's just sad boys.

So when you come down out of the piss and moan tree and want to chat, my iphone is available for you to ring.

I still stand by my convictions that GMAIL is not perfect, it's coming along, but it does have major stability/uptime issues that with the billions of dollars you kids are making, you should be able to provide a much better infrastructure for it and should seriously consider firing the joker who lets this service fail more than 10 times in the past year for no really good reason. Failover works. I know. I helped build clusters of computers using Sun Cluster with Oracle Parallel Databases and were able to pull plugs off machines, crash them hard and using that software keep the services up and running when one or two machines failed. So with your people and some hot programming, why not have something similar keeping your mail service up all the time.

All that said, the childish crap of delisting a site from your index which has been an avid supporter of your technologies over pointing out a chink in your armor....GROW THE F**K UP. (and if you personally had nothing to do with the delisting, then fire whoever took it upon themselves to do it and accept my apology for pointing a finger at you Three.

Best regards,


Michael Murdock, CEO

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