Masking Links in Apple Mail

For the longest time, PC users bragged about being able to do things that Apple Mail could not do. Perhaps one of the overlooked features, but one used by marketers daily is that of masking links in email. In ahem "OUTLOOK" it's pretty well out there, you select text, click a button and add a link.

Apple Mail makes this even easier and I am sure at some level there are desires to make this easier. Allow me to outline below.

A. select the text you wish to be the link, then go under Edit as seen in the image below.
B. Select the menu item which says Link and then select Add.

When the box appears asking you for a URL to add, paste your URL into it and click the Add/OK button.

Your text will become colored and shall then be a masking of your link so that when someone clicks it, it will launch you default web browser and allow your reader to visit your site on the web.

I love the ease and flow of some things in OSX vs. in Windows (and yes, even Windows 7).

Thanks for taking time to read and view.

Michael Murdock, CEO

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