Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dude it's only a car...

Since Barron's website is broken for comment posting, there was a story about the new Apple's my response to it.

Cannibalize the iPod? Okay...the iPhone is an iPod with a phone built-in. How does that cannibalize the iPod? the 'tablet' at the purported 10" size is really just an oversized iPhone (iPod) with a screen you can draw, type, compute with oh and it's going to interface with iTunes. Sheesh. People think of the bigger picture. If it's an OLED screen it's going to be flexible which will be really cool, and it's going to be able to run OSX Snow Leopard which means it's a 64bit speedy product that will also play movies, compute, send email, surf the web, play games and do all those other things without burning a hole in your lap like that PC laptop you're now carrying...OH and since it's a MAC it will run Windows as well. So...get out of your caves and behold the future. And really is only a car :) love, Mike