Another evening...

Fun to actually sit down and take in a movie this evening. Tonight we watched Slumdog Millionaire. Good movie. I remember seeing the Oscars and seeing the awards this film won and thinking we should see this some time so we finally did.

It's interesting to watch the kids in this film and realize that they are actually living like this. We in the US in most places live a very sheltered life. Having grown up overseas and then visiting places including India when I was in the Navy, it's just a trip down memory lane to those places in Mumbai. Although when we visited India the only way to see the slums was from the "BIGEYES" up on the signal deck of the Carrier we were on.

Opening the eyes of the world into a world of lack, limitation to tell the story of someone who had a dream to realize and finally did one day. The dream of love. Jamal was not dreaming to be wealthy, but only to capture the one person who he's connected with so many years before and lost, the refound, then lost once again.

I now see what many see and that is that all dreams are truly possible. If you hold in your heart the knowing that the only thing which is stopping you from realizing your dreams is the walls that you, yourself build around you to keep you stuck in lack and limitation.

Suggestion...break down the walls, know you can achieve the dreams, take a deep breath and step off into that knowing and realize those dreams. For if you stand behind the walls and cower in the face of your own light, you do a disservice to all in the universe as we are all connected and we all truly feel that missing part of us.

But...Also know that this is truly a choice and you can choose to stay behind those walls. It's up to you. Just know that if you decide that you're tired of the walls, we welcome you into the place of knowing and understanding with no judgment, no blame, and no shame, just unconditional love & understanding.

Bless you this night and all that follow.


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