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Let's take a step out onto a limb here a bit and discuss something of concern to all. Want to throw out a scenario to you and see how you feel about this. I believe you can comment back on these postings, so please do.A company on the internet engaged in one form of business has some bad luck doing some things, angers a bunch of people, its upper management gets into some kind of disagreement, one partner leaves, one stays and things shift. If this sounds like any company out there...well it should because you know who you are, and you sort of brought this on yourself when you asked someone to call me on my weekend and try to sell me something :) The sale is NOT the problem. The problem is the lack of listening (the person on the phone spoke perfect english), but when he was requested or actually informed that I was not interested, it was like talking to a brick wall to get him to stop. Finally I hung up on him after requesting that my number be removed from their list and that we …


Was fun today running all over town searching for things for my daughter's first birthday. Well not her first, but my first with her. See she was born 26 years ago and her 27th is this next week. We only met 2 months ago and my life has not been the same since then, so to go shopping for her for something she's going to really love and cherish made this day very special for me.  The other fun thing was to call her and play with her a bit, I'd call her, her phone would be busy, she'd call me, my phone would be busy, at one point I left her a funny message, she called back and I pretended that I was a voicemail message before I could beep, she'd hung up the phone. We both laughed when I called her back and she apologized profusely for hanging up on me. "You sounded so much like a recording" she said. We both broke out laughing. Now she's just tickled that on Monday she'll receive a package from me. She's telling everyone that this is her first …

Shoutback...Apologize to Microsoft? ARE YOU HIGH?

Apologize to Microsoft? Okay, who's the prankster that let that idiot write a story like that. Obviously he's a Microsoft proponent who has a stick up his backside over something that he could not get on the iTunes Store because it was developed in direct conflict with the rules set aside for developers of apps for the iPhone. GET OVER IT. Apologize to this (insert very large middle finger right here). Get a clue. When you're developing something to sell for a platform that is structured, you either follow the rules of the provider or your app does not ship. Google broke the rules. They know it. They tried a fast one and they're paying the price for it. Apple has rules for development as well as a look and feel for its applications. They are called Interface Guidelines for a reason. They're tested, they're refined and they're very consistent which makes it easy to know you're on a Mac or an iPhone because of the way things function. Apple had to bend it…

Don't you just love Photoshop?

I sure do. But it was nice to have my face on the billboard at Rockefeller Center anyway. :) Happy Saturday! Posted via email from Michael's posterous

Email Tip of the Day

If you receive an email from your own domain and it's labeled something like the following: From: To: Subject: Your Account has been Suspended and then it has something attached to the email in the form of a ZIP file and asks you to open it...DON'T This is what's called BAIT & SWITCH The bait is the subject line. Of course you're going to open it if it's from your Administrator right? Well 99% of you don't have an account administrator. You've set up your own domain name or you've had someone like me do it and we've never created such an account. Also never would an admin send you an email like this with a zip file attached saying "Here open this you idiot" because most of them know you would not open it. But there are a number of you out there who are in reaction and will see this kind of thing and open it instantly. When you do, please note that your computer system is now what we like …

A simple thought -

Having a pervasive attitude of gratitude will propel you into a pool of abundance.
Enjoy the swim! - Me Posted via email from Michael's posterous

Pagerank of 0 attained

You know on Alexa a ranking of 0 would mean most popular, but on Google it means least. My website after my postings about GMAIL being down yesterday dropped from where it was originally at a 6, to a 3 and now to a 0 and has fallen out of listings for the term: internet business consulting where it was number 2 for more than the past 12 months.
Why? Because the search engine higherups had it pulled. Or there is some engineer over there who is about to get fired for getting the company such bad press as when I get to finding who did this...well his butt is grass and my keyboard is the lawn mower. :)
I would not be surprised if Larry, Sergey & even Eric were at the bottom of this. After all why should they let anyone back talk about their company and their flagship mail product and bash it because it was not available most of the morning yesterday the 20th of August 2009 during the hours of oh around...I'll have to go back and check my posting on posterous becau…

Yahoo Mail Plus

Did you know that Yahoo Mail Plus let's you send attachments up to 20MB in size? It's true!  Sign up here: There are some other services out there that offer a 20mb limit for free, but when you cannot access them because they are OFFLINE (GMAIL) this one will come in handy :)  And of course you can also sign up and use for sending large attachments up to 1gb for free.  Check out all the opportunities and use the one which works and is available best for you.  Michael Posted via email from Michael's posterous


I guess being listed on page 1 of BING out of 45,000,000 is not too darned bad. Maybe we just promote Microsoft's search engine as the place to be listed and wave a big ole birdy at Google! Stuff happens!  If you kids want to talk, I am available.  Love,  MikePosted via email from Michael's posterous

The great thing about the Internet...

Is that you can sometimes use things to prove your point. Today I posted an email about Google. It's was funny because I checked my website ranking for my primary keyterm at the time that I posted the email. What I did not do is make a screen snapshot of it. That was my mistake. I was ranked #2 out of 29,900,000 after being wiped out a week or so ago for making another posting about Google. It's not a position which you can get delisted from unless someone purposely pulls you out. It appears they did. So today GMAIL crapped out. The ever-loving CLOUD took a dump and GMAIL went down. So I posted a note to Posterous which went out everywhere including into my blog which when you open the blog up right now it looks like crap for some unknown reason, maybe it's on the same server as GMAIL is! :) Just kidding...or maybe it really is. The bottomline here is that Google which is supposed to be a search engine filled with facts and things has somehow skewed the numbers a bit. What th…

Cloud Computing? My A**!

So the thing that everyone is bragging about is cloud computing. Well today in the midst of a discussion with a City Government agency in another state I went to retrieve an email and pdf file from the lovable cloud known as GMAIL and much to my chagrin, surprise, whatever you want to call it...the CLOUD crapped on my parade.So it's always fun to think that one day everything will be hunky-dory and that cloud computing will totally replace the need for a desktop computer, laptop computer, series of flash drives, dvd's backups, etc, but that day has just displayed that it is far from arriving. What's really surprising is that with ALL of the redundancy that company should have in place, with all the backup systems, with all of the really cool gadgetry that Google has, even they experience a lack of service. My questions to Google are: A. Where's the failover? B. Where's the redundancy? C. Where's the Beef! Okay now YAHOO, here's where you can capitalize with stat…

Quick Website Listing Tips

Dear Michael,I just wanted to take a moment to share with you some quick tips to get your website listed on the web and to start that relationship with search engines, directories and other information respositories.A. go to: the self-serve tools and enter information about your website into this area. Once you have, your site will get examined by Alexa's web spider. This is a good thing as it will start to keep track of your website traffic. When you first see a number that mentions your popularity it may be in the Millions. Don't panic. Everyone's website starts out that way. Trick to bumping that number, get vocal in the media about something. Get mentioned on in the WTF category, instantly this number will change and change from red to green. Trust me, I've been one to do this and it's actually fun to see the color change and get below 1,000,000. The closer you get to the number 1, the more popular your website …

Posterous | Re: Posterous | Re: Gotta Start Somewhere!

Wow that was so cool. We covered so much in our last webinar with the group. I can hardly wait for the next class...OH THAT'S NEXT WEEK!!! Have you signed up/registered for our next 16 week course yet? is where you need to go right now and get signed up, paid for and get in. We've posted the orientation materials and are ready to get rocking with your businesses and ideas this next Wednesday. Don't miss out on this! It's guaranteed to take your business to the next level and beyond! Michael From:Posterous (docmurdock) Sent: Wednesday, August 19, 2009 4:39 PM Subject: Posterous | Re: Posterous | Re: Gotta Start Somewhere! Posted via email from Michael's posterous

Posterous | Re: Gotta Start Somewhere!

Oh my, this is so cool! We're going to be talking about Posterous in our class this evening. I wonder if I include a picture in here if it will get picked up. You never can tell. Okay, time to restart in Windows! Bye for now. Mike

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Finally set up Posterous

and you can watch the results of that at: Thanks for following me everywhere I go :) I hope that my doing things and sharing things on the web is helpful to you in your daily life.  Bless you all the days that follow this one.  Michael Murdock Posted via email from Michael's posterous

Unsubscribe me please...

Do you ever get these emails that ask for you to unsubscribe someone from your list? It screams out 'Take Care of me because I cannot read'. That is if you use a system that allows for people to unsubscribe themselves. If you don't well then you're asking for these to arrive in your mailbox and they will.
What I suggest is that you simply switch to a system that will allow for the automated processing of these.
One I recommend and use daily is this one:'s a great system and it allows you the benefit of having an easy way for people to unsubscribe.
In the old days using Outlook to keep track of mailings was a good thing to do. Now with restrictions placed due to spammers it's not a viable way of doing business or keeping within the bounds of CANSPAM. order to avoid the hassles use a system that allows you flexibility in your business and looks more professional as well.
Best regards,
Michael Murdock, CEO

Dude it's only a car...

Since Barron's website is broken for comment posting, there was a story about the new Apple's my response to it.
Cannibalize the iPod? Okay...the iPhone is an iPod with a phone built-in. How does that cannibalize the iPod? the 'tablet' at the purported 10" size is really just an oversized iPhone (iPod) with a screen you can draw, type, compute with oh and it's going to interface with iTunes. Sheesh. People think of the bigger picture. If it's an OLED screen it's going to be flexible which will be really cool, and it's going to be able to run OSX Snow Leopard which means it's a 64bit speedy product that will also play movies, compute, send email, surf the web, play games and do all those other things without burning a hole in your lap like that PC laptop you're now carrying...OH and since it's a MAC it will run Windows as well. So...get out of your caves and behold the future. And really is only a car :) love, …

Another evening...

Fun to actually sit down and take in a movie this evening. Tonight we watched Slumdog Millionaire. Good movie. I remember seeing the Oscars and seeing the awards this film won and thinking we should see this some time so we finally did.
It's interesting to watch the kids in this film and realize that they are actually living like this. We in the US in most places live a very sheltered life. Having grown up overseas and then visiting places including India when I was in the Navy, it's just a trip down memory lane to those places in Mumbai. Although when we visited India the only way to see the slums was from the "BIGEYES" up on the signal deck of the Carrier we were on.
Opening the eyes of the world into a world of lack, limitation to tell the story of someone who had a dream to realize and finally did one day. The dream of love. Jamal was not dreaming to be wealthy, but only to capture the one person who he's connected with so many years before and lost, the refoun…

Masking Links in Apple Mail

For the longest time, PC users bragged about being able to do things that Apple Mail could not do. Perhaps one of the overlooked features, but one used by marketers daily is that of masking links in email. In ahem "OUTLOOK" it's pretty well out there, you select text, click a button and add a link.

Apple Mail makes this even easier and I am sure at some level there are desires to make this easier. Allow me to outline below.

A. select the text you wish to be the link, then go under Edit as seen in the image below.
B. Select the menu item which says Link and then select Add.

When the box appears asking you for a URL to add, paste your URL into it and click the Add/OK button.

Your text will become colored and shall then be a masking of your link so that when someone clicks it, it will launch you default web browser and allow your reader to visit your site on the web.

I love the ease and flow of some things in OSX vs. in Windows (and yes, even Windows 7).

Thanks for taking time to …