Monday, May 25, 2009

iphone tip - getting photos off your phone

So, you're out on a trip somewhere, you're snapping away with your iphone and when you return home you find out that for some reason your phone will NOT give up the photos. What do you do?

Well...if you're a mac user, you plug your phone in, try to open it in iphoto, it sees the phone, it sees outlines of the pictures, but no images and will not import them.

Before you toss the phone, you can do something pretty simple. It's time consuming if you have many photos, but it's a solution.

Using MobileMe it's possible to set up a photo gallery and when you do this you get an email address so that you can email photos to the gallery. It's handy when you're on a trip with a group of people and you want to share photos with all, you can have them email the photos to this gallery.

In the case of your phone, same thing. You open the photo up in the Photo Gallery, click the little icon to email the photo, then enter this gallery email address in there and BAM! there's your solution to stuck photos. Email each one to your gallery, then later on download them to your computer. You can then restore your phone or whatever you need to do, to cure the glitch that's causing your photos to not be synched off your phone in the first place.

Hope that's helpful for everyone out there.

Michael Murdock, CEO