Sunday, May 31, 2009

Paypal Fake Emails

Another round of paypal fake emails are coming out. Be wary of these things when you see them as the first instinct is to click a link in the email. DON'T. Just delete it and go about your business. This email below is a FAKE paypal email. It is NOT from Paypal. It's from a group of crooks trying to get people to sign in and give them their identification.

Thought you should see one up close and personal. Do not fall for these please.

Michael Murdock

Monday, May 25, 2009

iphone tip - getting photos off your phone

So, you're out on a trip somewhere, you're snapping away with your iphone and when you return home you find out that for some reason your phone will NOT give up the photos. What do you do?

Well...if you're a mac user, you plug your phone in, try to open it in iphoto, it sees the phone, it sees outlines of the pictures, but no images and will not import them.

Before you toss the phone, you can do something pretty simple. It's time consuming if you have many photos, but it's a solution.

Using MobileMe it's possible to set up a photo gallery and when you do this you get an email address so that you can email photos to the gallery. It's handy when you're on a trip with a group of people and you want to share photos with all, you can have them email the photos to this gallery.

In the case of your phone, same thing. You open the photo up in the Photo Gallery, click the little icon to email the photo, then enter this gallery email address in there and BAM! there's your solution to stuck photos. Email each one to your gallery, then later on download them to your computer. You can then restore your phone or whatever you need to do, to cure the glitch that's causing your photos to not be synched off your phone in the first place.

Hope that's helpful for everyone out there.

Michael Murdock, CEO

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Internet Business Consulting

Internet Business Consulting...what is it? how will it benefit me? Why should I spend $5,000 of my hard earned money to work with you? Who are you?

Those may just be some of the questions that surface when you come to my page and read about this 10 Hour engagement. You might also think that 10 hours is just not enough time. Well in some cases you'd be right which is why this engagement does last longer than that. We give more than we sell because it's the right thing to do.

I got started in tech back in 1975/1976, before some of the readers of this were even born. Computers were very impersonal back then and it was a couple of years later that Apple came out with a life changing machine, and then in 1984 really broke the world open and started a Revolution.

The Internet however was not widely available until a number of additional years had passed. What was fun for me was always being on the cutting edge of things. Being in Silicon Valley for 25 years I had exposure to a lot and was part of the learning curve of what worked, what did not, and how to create businesses in tech that sailed smoothly.

I worked for 6 years at PIXAR and reported directly to Steve Jobs for a lot of that time. Being able to work with him is one of the greatest privileges of my life. I learned much and for that will always be grateful.

Now that I am running my own business and doing consulting to help others achieve their dreams I get to see a lot. There are a lot of things on the market and so many of them don't deliver what they promise. But what happens is that people get sucked in by the marketing and the fancy packaging and in the end are getting something that never worked in the first place, and now that it's been repackaged...doesn't work any better. That's a time waster. We're not about that.

What is your Internet Business Consulting package? It's a 10 hour + engagement with me. Basically I'll become your guide, showing you the easy ways to do things, the right tools to use, and tried & true methods of doing business on the Internet that will help you create a profit, not a loss in your business. Sure there are losses that are incurred, but not every business is 100% profitable. I can help you avoid pitfalls that others won't, and will also be there to support you when you question your worthiness around the incoming successes.

First thing we do is start off with an evaluation of your business. How are things working for you, what kinds of things are you doing? Are you selling products? What do they look like, what are your sales like, are people buying or just leaving your website after they've looked around?

Next is an evaluation of the website itself. How many visitors do you get? How long are they staying around? What's bringing them to your site? How does your marketing relate to those who are showing up? Are you pitching your products to the right market? Or are you just depending on stray traffic to make your sales increase?

Once these first two items are done, we create a cohesive plan to change things. This involves working with your web people to make changes to your site itself. To change the language, change the colors, add specific code to the site to track things as well as turn the site into a magnet for the search engines. We also look at guiding you in the creation of content for on and off the site to assist with the promotion of the site and much, much more.

Next...Ongoing assignments. You'll have specific guidance on things you'll need to do as we move along the path to ensure that you're on track. These are not difficult by any means and generally can be done in an hour spread over the week or you can pick a day and do it all at one time. But generally limited to an hour.

One-on-One Coaching. Your business is a reflection of you. How you feel about you will ultimately determine whether or not your business is a success or not. So we're going to coach you on connecting with you. Feeling safe with you. Knowing you and then wrapping that all together into a melding of you and your business and presenting it to the world. It's a wonderful thing, and those who have experienced this time with us have been very successful in both business and life.

Website marketing plan - We work with you and create a plan for ongoing marketing and promotion of your website. Once all the elements are in the right place, the site has to be promoted to begin to deliver a return on your investment. Either an initial return, or an ongoing one. We work with you and our team to make sure you're comfortable in the knowing that you're on the right path and that you'll be successful in keeping things moving.

Lastly you get direct email and phone access to me. This is not something that should be taken lightly. I have a number of clients and rarely do I open the phone lines to them, especially on the weekends. But since you're in a coaching program and this is about overcoming obstacles, how much value can you place on being able to access someone on their weekends at no additional cost to you? Pretty priceless.

So that in a nutshell is what Internet Business Consulting is all about. I hope I've helped to explain things a bit better, and if you still have questions, feel free to drop me an email at (only those in the program get my personal direct email address) and I'll see if I can't answer them for you quickly.

And lastly a bit about me:

I wanted to take a moment and give you a bit of background on me and why I am here. I am a US NAVY Veteran. I got my start in computers in 1975/1976 and very early on saw the potential for these machines in our lives. It's amazing how far they've come from the days when we carried paper tape and then cassettes for data storage. Now that and more fits on a simple USB stick.

The power of the web like the computer systems amazed me when it was first unleashed to the public. I can remember sitting in my office at Pixar Animation Studios (when we were still named PIXAR) and thinking...this thing called a browser has some potential, one day people will use this like they use a newspaper. In fact, this will probably replace newspapers.

Little did I know at the time how powerful of a thought that really was. About a year later things began to take off and the rest is history in the making as the web continues to evolve into an information resource we literally depend on day in and day out to get our news, information, research and entertainment. Some of us use the web for food, news, TV listings, etc. It's going to continue to evolve and the minds who are locked in places like Cupertino, Redmond, Stockholm and other places will continue to develop this thing known as the Internet until we're all on one large Intranet working and collaborating to make Earth a better place for all of mankind.

I teach a class on Internet Marketing and Website Optimization as well as consult with businesses on a number of facets of doing business on the Internet. From the selection of technology used in that business, to the actual design and implementation of said technology into their business, the launching of said business, and the generation of revenue as a result of increased exposure to the ideal marketplace.

I am self-taught in everything that I know in computers and technology. I learned early on to excel in this area of work it's fun to learn on your own. That way you learn a lot about everything vs. just what they teach you from a book. I am happy to see technology evolve the way that it has, but it's literally about 20 years behind where it should be at this point. Too many companies doing too many things and lacking focus, but that's a discussion for the blog :)

Thanks for taking the time to drop in and read more about me. I look forward to serving your needs however we can to make your Internet Life easier.
Management Team

Michael Murdock, CEO - 30 years experience in Technology including 6 years with Pixar Animation Studios as Lead Support Tech for Macintosh, PC & Unix product lines from 1991 - 1997. Credited in Toy Story as "macintosh systems engineer". 5 years with Sun Microsystems as Western Regional Program Manager for StarCat/StarKitty Server Installations, and a top notch Systems Support Engineer and Expert Computer Systems Troubleshooter in Macintosh, PC, and UNIX system Installations. Additional expertise in computer systems networking (hardwire and wireless), wireless security implementation, virus tracking and eradication.

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Toy Story - 1995 - Credited in movie as
"macintosh systems engineer michael e. murdock"
Was responsible for constant operation of over 350 macintosh computer systems used throughout the production of the movie in areas ranging from sound editing to textures creation, to animation testing

Thanks for taking time to read. I hope you'll join us for our Internet Business Consulting course soon. We have just 5 slots open this year and there are only 3 openings left.

Best regards,

Michael Murdock