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Paypal Fake Emails

Another round of paypal fake emails are coming out. Be wary of these things when you see them as the first instinct is to click a link in the email. DON'T. Just delete it and go about your business. This email below is a FAKE paypal email. It is NOT from Paypal. It's from a group of crooks trying to get people to sign in and give them their identification.

Thought you should see one up close and personal. Do not fall for these please.

Michael Murdock

iphone tip - getting photos off your phone

So, you're out on a trip somewhere, you're snapping away with your iphone and when you return home you find out that for some reason your phone will NOT give up the photos. What do you do?

Well...if you're a mac user, you plug your phone in, try to open it in iphoto, it sees the phone, it sees outlines of the pictures, but no images and will not import them.

Before you toss the phone, you can do something pretty simple. It's time consuming if you have many photos, but it's a solution.

Using MobileMe it's possible to set up a photo gallery and when you do this you get an email address so that you can email photos to the gallery. It's handy when you're on a trip with a group of people and you want to share photos with all, you can have them email the photos to this gallery.

In the case of your phone, same thing. You open the photo up in the Photo Gallery, click the little icon to email the photo, then enter this gallery email address in there and BAM! there&#…

Internet Business Consulting

Internet Business Consulting...what is it? how will it benefit me? Why should I spend $5,000 of my hard earned money to work with you? Who are you?

Those may just be some of the questions that surface when you come to my page and read about this 10 Hour engagement. You might also think that 10 hours is just not enough time. Well in some cases you'd be right which is why this engagement does last longer than that. We give more than we sell because it's the right thing to do.

I got started in tech back in 1975/1976, before some of the readers of this were even born. Computers were very impersonal back then and it was a couple of years later that Apple came out with a life changing machine, and then in 1984 really broke the world open and started a Revolution.

The Internet however was not widely available until a number of additional years had passed. What was fun for me was always being on the cutting edge of things. Being in Silicon Valley for 25 years I had exposure to a lot and …