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Merchant Accounts

Paying too much for a merchant account could be like going from one chain restaurant to another and when you get to the 2nd place they charge you more for the same things.
Every company out there want's their piece of the Visa/MasterCard pie. We take a much smaller piece. In some cases we take nearly 50% less. Do I have your attention?
So if you're out there using PayPal (who we dearly love) and you're wondering where all of your money is going, the majority of it is going out in fees.
Go here: and you can see some amounts that you'll pay in fees when doing simple business with PayPal.
Now if I told you that you had to wait 24-48 hours, but could save money would you be interested? Instead of paying that 3.5 or higher percent you'd pay under 2%. Would you listen?
I sure hope so and I am directing you to contact me at
We can save you a bunch of money, not only in the discount rate area, but also in the monthly fees area.

Creating Vision Boards Quickly

Since I am not an expert in this. I will defer to my good friend Barbara Pellegrino at http://www.visionboards.netShe gives great lectures in the art of creating your vision. She's located in Hawaii but will come and give presentations to your company or group, please contact her for more information. Her website also has the tools on it to help you utilize your vision board to attain greater success and abundance in your lifetime.
Thanks for visiting her.
Michael Murdock come see me at

On the webinar

This is how easy it is to make a new posting on a blog.
Michael Murdock