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Relatives arrived

It’s nice once in a while to have company show up at the Murdock House in Scottsdale. So today my wife’s Mother and Stepfather arrived from New York to spend some quality time with us. It’s great because they’re nice people and that man can COOK! Sort of like having Emeril show up and be the guest of honor, but do the cooking as well. It’s all good.So what else is going on you ask? is having a great series of classes on Publicity that will simply amaze you. My wife Maria Simone and a publicist of hers Sherry Butler are doing this course and it’s 5 parts which are in a form that anyone can understand and this is priced WELL BELOW where it should be for the quality of information that you’re going to be receiving. Sign up today because the discount for this class which begins on the 9th of February ends today.If you’re stuck in marketing and wish you had someone spoon-feeding you information via email daily you are so in luck. http://www.docmurdock.c…