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$1 Salaries for CEO's

When was the last time you did something really well for $1? I can remember how long ago it was that I worked hard for $1. It was more than 40 years ago. It was Norfolk Virginia and it was 1968. I was a kid.
I was not trying to watch over a company with international visibility, international responsibility, and over 10,000 employees. You don't get anyone to do what they need to do in these cases by allowing them to take a salary of $1 which is really merely symbolic.
Were I to become CEO of Yahoo, NOBODY on our payroll would be entitled to take a $1 salary. You'd take a paycheck and donate if you wanted to, if you had millions in the bank and did not 'need' the money, then you could donate it to some charity in your own name.
We'd also cap the salaries within the company so that people were more focused on doing the work vs. just the money. Some who get salaries sit on their hands because they are on a salary. So you need to encourage them in some way to do more work…

Investors in Yahoo...Should you be worried? I think so.

If you're an investor in a company that's doing pretty good, but losing marketshare and all of a sudden in the midst of things, the CEO decides to NOT do a deal with a major corporation, should you be worried? No, not really. He does have another plan right? some cases the answer is yes, and in the case of Yahoo, it was YES, did not involve doing the company any good. In this case the CEO just said "I am stepping down, but when my successor is found, I will hang around to do what I've always done". Should you be worried? OH Yes.
Now, in the world of corporate America there's a perception that you have to pay a CEO many millions of dollars to run a company. It's a myth that was created long ago. It's not one that hold much water if you look around at how literally screwed up the economy in our country is.
I've always held a belief that to be at the top of a company and to run things you really had to have a passion for doing them. …

Attn Blog Readers...New Fake Paypal Emails going around

Alright folks. It's time to get serious. Around this time of the year, the thieves who will rob you blind on the web are out in force. I will be posting a sample of an Ebay fraud email that I recently got which looked so real I almost clicked on it, but tonight we're talking PayPal.PayPal is now an Ebay company. What does that mean? It means that they know your name and they will NEVER address you by the term PAYPAL MEMBER or what you see in these example images I am going to include below. Look these over carefully. If you've ever used PayPal or any service like it, these look legit. They are not. If you get one in your mailbox, do not, I repeat DO NOT click anythi ng inside the email. If you do, you'll begin to regret it in about 10 minutes or less. It depends on how fast you can call your bank to cancel any credit cards you have linked anywhere on the web, because these folks will find you and rob you blind. I am not kidding about this. It's something I warn peop…

Yahoo CEO blurbs...

Well yesterday was an interesting day. It's fun to once in a while shake things up in Tech. See I have been around long enough to know that nobody takes you seriously in this unless you have a few million in the bank and have run a bunch of large companies into the ground.
What I do choose to point out is that there are a lot of people who've invested in Yahoo and lost their backside. Now, every day the company which is right now profitable is spending money and not making real progress to fix things that could bring it closer to recovering to the point of where more people want to invest in it. So it's sort of a Loss-Leader. Eventually people will get tired of it, pull all of their money out and it will dry up and wither away.
You read about all of the prospective buyout offers...have to be approved by a majority of shareholders (Icahn only has 5% of the company), the remaining investors will SUE Yang and the others if their investments are not protected and will tie up any…