What's it take to run Yahoo?

What does it take to run Yahoo or any large company like it?

Most would argue that it takes experience managing a multi-billion dollar company. That it takes years and years of experience to do this and that nobody is qualified unless they've been under the proverbial microscope of a Board, a management team and every employee in the company.

Well, if that's the case, then we must have really been blinded in the election. We've just elected a man to be President of the largest corporation on the planet, and to lead us through much more than a stock value drop, or a shift in technology drop.

In otherwords, I'd say your argument does not hold water. I say what it takes to run a company like Yahoo or any other company for that matter making products, selling services on the Internet are the following (please take note, Executive Boards of Yahoo, SUN, and anyone else out there thinking of hiring some high-priced Golden Parachute scouting son-of-a-gun):

a. Passion
b. Determination
c. Ability to think on their feet
d. Ability to communicate effectively with others
e. charisma
f. Ability to rally people around a common cause
g. bullshit detection meter - Mine's recently been calibrated
h. sense of humor
i. openness to create partnerships
j. ability to work with others
k. ability to work past issues, connect with others and see the good in everyone
m. someone who is conscious, spiritual and knows that this is more than just about money

In other words, I am more than qualified for this position as are a number of others out there. However, that item M might give some of the other issue. For what I have seen in corporate America that is disturbing and we've all seen it recently in Washington is that for some it's all about the money.

What I'd like companies to do is be more open to looking at the supposed "dark horses" as we're not a bad group. We've got passion for your company. We're driven to see you succeed. We're pissed that you're where you are and we understand that you're able to come out of this at some point, but you need guidance and someone that can make snap decisions that will benefit the company.

You're playing with a loaded deck. You know all the problems you're facing. We don't. We can only go off what we read, what we hear, what we see. But we're still here to help. So don't look the gift horse in the mouth. We could do this for a lot more $$, but for some of us there is more than just money out there. It's about the people, the company, the culture and the helping that matters.

Best regards,

Michael Murdock, CEO

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