SUN Microsystems...Time for Changes at the TOP

It's been a long time since I wrote anything negative about SUN. I tried to patch some things up with Scott McNealy after writing a few scathing emails/letters to him following being laid off in 2002 along with 11% of the company. But now I think it's time to dust off the fingers and commence on a campaign to end the reign of McNealy & Company at SUN. Scott, it's time to go.

Now anyone who knows me, knows that I have a habit of speaking my piece. There's another one besides Scott that needs to go and that's Jonathan. Yes, it's true. I go back to emails that I had with the two of them about a few things and one of those was from Scott telling me after I questioned Jonathan being CEO where Scott tells me "I trust him". Well...Scott, it seems like you might have had a MCCain moment there and blown it. The company is NOT better off with Jonathan running things. Not any better off than it was when you were running things. So...time for a change.

Now there are those of us who have been through the school of hard knocks and learned a lot along the way. One of those things is that you don't lose touch with your market. Sun has lost that touch a long time ago. It started back in the day when you were slamming Gates about things Microsoft was doing wrong and how much of a bastard he was. Well...who did Microsoft run and bail out in 1997? Apple. Did they open their wallet up to SUN? Even though the world knows that Hotmail was run on Sun Servers. Did they come to our rescue? Nope. Why? Because you were out there slamming Bill Gates. Steve Jobs did it in Triumph of the Nerds, but Steve and Bill go back a bit further on the friends chain than you do and...Apple does run Microsoft software, something SUN does not do.

So you slammed him back then, the stock took a real dip from 130/share sliding down and down. Personally you cost me $300,000 in lost stock option value. Needless to say, I am not happy about that as that money would have been worth substantially more had you kept your mouth shut and run the company the way it should have been run.

So to rebuild the company, instead of going through and thinning projects, licensing off the money losers to some others to turn them into profit generators, trim salaries and other smart things, you expand, buy more companies to try and beat people out and continue to hemmorage the company away.

What was our revenue in 1998 - 1999? Around 9-13 Billion a year. Now it's around 3 billion? COME ON PEOPLE. Wake up and smell what the hell you're cooking.

Yes, I am angry. I have several hundred people that I know who work for SUN, some still do, and they are losing their savings because the people at the top are standing around jerking off into a fan hoping not to get wet.

If I was a major shareholder, I'd call for an emergency meeting to call for a vote to have the executive management team at the company removed for cause and immediately replaced by one that can turn things around.

I am one that would come in and help to turn the company around. HOW? Ask me when I am there. I am not making any mistakes of publicly disclosing plans for any turn around. I have done that before and it did not work out. Let me just say that I guarantee to turn the company profitable in 1 year or LESS or I will leave without ANY parachute whatsoever. My cost to come in and fix this problem? $500,000 (after taxes). Chump change based on the amount of work that I'll have to do in this adventure. When successful, I'll take a $1Million dollar bonus, train a successor and stay on as President/Chairman of the Board for oversight of the company.

I can do this with a management team of my choosing, and the power to do it. We can make the changes necessary to turn the company around and beat the streets estimates by a substantial margin.

So...all major shareholders who hold SUN Stock, do what you need to do to make this happen, I will come in and help turn your investment into something more than worthless paper.

If you're tired of losing your backside due to mis-management by an inept team that has it's eye everywhere but on the ball, then get in touch with me. I am reachable and ready to fly to the Bay Area to make this happen. Just Fed-Ex me the offer documents and a ticket and we'll get started.

Michael Murdock, CEO
DocMurdock Internet Business Consulting

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