I was in shock! Utter disbelief!

When I saw that email that offered the package that I am going to describe right now:

3 DVDs of highly confusing technically aged information
2 Glossy covered magazines
Access to a forum of people not associated with the company and their product.

Price...$800.00 per month. Huh??? Yes, $800 per month for this and the next month you might get a DVD and you might get a magazine, but the magazine would not be edited as you'd expect. There'd be errors and no apologies, just perhaps a reshipment of your original package plus everything else up to that time and when you received it, it'd be damaged.

Total cost for the year - $9,600.00 and no guarantees of success, nor direct support from the company.

I had to sit down and think. Was this a good investment? Was the information in these products ground-shaking? Both answers were an overwhelming NO.

What I've just described to you is true. It's not fake. It's not something that someone dreamed up, although I think since they're creative marketers that they'll get away with it for a bit.

http://www.docmurdock.com - not to find that package, to get BIGSEO.

Why am I telling about that product which shall remain nameless? To tell you about one that you can get right now that will give you substantially more for your investment as well as get you direct accessible support for an entire year for just $1500.

We're talking here about BIGSEO. This is the name for a package that I have which encompasses not only Website Optimization for your site, it also gets into Internet Marketing with up to date tools, shows you all the things you need to know to do this yourself if you desire at some point (training), and it goes for a full year for that $1500 price.

$1500 vs. $9600. Direct support vs. No support. No complicated DVDs with language that takes a translator vs. DVDs that require someone else to listen to, then hire a translator to tell me what they all mean.

Are you beginning to see why our BIGSEO package would be a winning investment? I sure hope so. We're not shortcutting on the value of things. You're going to get more value from our package than the other plus you get a real person to interact with. The value of our package in time and deliverables is over $15000 for the year.

So what is SEO (search engine optimization) or Website Optimization. Really they're both the same thing, except one term really caught on. SEO. SEO is about making your website more attractive to a search engine so that it gets listed in what are called the FREE/Organic search listings. It's also about getting your site exposed to your ideal market so that when they search, they see your name/brand and can identify with you by simple words that are present in the search result. We help make that happen.

What does BIGSEO come with?

1. Business evaluation - Is this the right business?
2. Website evaluation - What do you expect your site to do?
3. Assignments for you to perform for YOUR business + Coaching
4. Website Marketing Plan + Coaching
5. Telephone & Email access (value is $600 per 2 hours)
6. SEO for your website (Top 5 pages) 1 year + Coaching
7. Press Release Promotion - 5 Press Releases. You write, We promote
8. 24 Hours consulting (2 Hours per month,see value above)

You can read more about that on the following page: http://www.docmurdock.com as we put it right up front for people to see. Scroll to the BIGSEO mention and read through what we'll be doing with you. Yes, WITH you. We work with our clients or their web people directly when we do this work. We also share our knowledge and train people (if interested) on how to do this themselves. It's a bonus we provide so that people are not stuck if they want to change things down the road after working with us.

So what do you need for your website or business right now? Do you have the right tools to get things done? Are you sending emails out to your list every week or so? Do clients find it hard to get information out of you? Are you using a Shopping Cart to process orders? Do you follow up with buyers after they purchase?

DocMurdock offers many business resources on our website. When you're visiting, just press the Resources link and see what we have there. We also have a store if you're looking for gifts for others. Click Store to peek at those items.

We wanted to let you know our BIGSEO package is ON SALE right now. We know times are tough so we've reduced the price so that you can take advantage of this today. No better day to start than Monday.

Normal price is $2500, but we've discounted it to $1500 so that you can sign up and we can get working on your site now. There's no reason to wait on this any longer. We'd like to begin working to help your site be more visible to more people now.

When you go to http://www.docmurdock.com and you click the ADD to Cart button when you've read about BIGSEO, make sure to use the code of SALE in the shoppingcart. When you do this, click the APPLY button and you'll see your $1000 discount. 

Yes, we're giving $1000 off when you sign up today for this package. So don't delay. If you can't start working on it till later in the month, don't worry. Sign up today though to get that price. We'll adjust the start time to when you want it to be. We're just asking people sign up now so we know to schedule our time appropriately.

Plus a bonus. Everyone who signs up TODAY 11/17/2008 will receive service until 12/31/2009.

Email me at murdock@docmurdock.com if you'd like to chat before signing up for this. I am available today to discuss what you need for your website/web presence.

Michael Murdock, CEO

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