Honey! We have to go to Trader Joe's right now!

You know it's funny, sitting in the office on a Sunday evening and all of a sudden your wife runs by the room and says those words "Honey we have to go to Trader Joe's right now!" So we did. It was around 20 minutes till they close and BAM we were out the door and into Trader Joes before you could dial a telephone.

It was great walked in after getting the perfect parking spot and smelled the cookies. They were amazing in scent. Turns out there's a box of chilled chocolate chip cookies for a great price that can be had. We bought a few other things and walked out of the store.

We got to the car, I opened the doors and for some reason looked down. I don't like litter on the ground. Well there was a piece of paper there. I thought I'll pick this up and wouldn't it be interesting if this was money. Little did I know, it was exactly that. We started off and my wife asks me "What did you pick up?" I said jokingly $100 Bucks! NO WAY she said, I then said "You know I am not sure" so I reached up turned on the interior light and there staring at me was Benjamin Franklin. He was smiling at me. I at first did not believe it but then I said those wonderful words "I deserved a $100 this evening", she echoed that with "Yes you did".

So where did this money come from? No idea. Did someone lose it? It's possible. Was I wrong for taking it? I don't believe or feel so. If not me, then someone else would have. I will be following the law of circulation and putting it back into the system very quickly. It's only right to do that.

What does this illustrate? It shows that what we think about we can attract into our lives very quickly and deliberately. I was thinking this evening how cool it would be to just stumble upon some money. So how did that happen? All evening long i was thinking about Trader Joes and how we always go there on Sundays and this night it looked like we would not go, but I wanted to go so I kept thinking about it and thinking about it and my wife being sensitive to my thoughts picked up on that and we together made this though into reality.

And...when we got there, the money appeared into our sphere. It was up to me to hone in on it and I did. That's how quickly the laws can work for you. Think about what you want, know that you deserve it, be open to receiving it when it shows up, don't question why it came to you.

That's all it takes. Tomorrow...we'll work on something different for attraction purposes.

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