Finally the end...and a beginning

Well folks here we are again. This time on the precipice of history. Will our country step forward and elect a black man for President. It seems to fly well on TV and in movies, but never seems to materialize into real life. What's the fear? That we won't be accepted around the world? That he won't do a good job? Or that we simply don't know him well enough, have not seen enough of him and therefore don't believe he'll do well by us.

Personally I hope it's the last one if anything. I've been an American Citizen since I was 13. I was not born here. I was born in England. It's interesting to watch America from outside this land and see how others perceive us, respect us, trash us, or love us. It's interesting to live outside the safety that we feel here or felt here before that day. It's also nice to hope for a day when we can go back to being safe and feeling loved, and admired. So this day brings a ton of mixed emotions with it.

It's my sincere prayer that the country as a whole will vote its heart, its conscience and be better for it.

May all of us get to know each other better as a result of this time, and may we all work to expand our borders, help more people, be of great service to others, and watchful of all that we survey in this time.

Have an amazing day.


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