Create A New Info Product In 24 Hours... Let Me Explain

Here's something you already know: Information Marketing is booming.

But that doesn't mean much to anyone who doesn't have their own product.

So how do you create one starting from scratch, especially if you don't have any experience?

And, more importantly, how soon can you really have a quality info product up and selling? You couldn't just decide to create a new, high-value product and have it ready in a few days... could you??

Well, if you've read Brian McElroy's rock-solid "Product Creation Manifesto", then you know that it's entirely possible.

This is an important subject so I was quick to download a copy of his new report as soon as it was released.

Sure, there's no shortage of free reports and free videos and free this and free that online ... but much of free is regurgitated or outdated info.

Then there are the gems; The ones that are actually worth the time investment to work through.

The "Product Creation Manifesto" is a GEM.

Reading through this 36 page PDF took me one sitting, but the ideas it contains will be running around in my head for weeks.

Some of what I picked up:

Affiliate marketing is EASY when you have your own product.  Brian shows how he built up a full-time income from promoting other people's products... even though he's no good at it!

Getting Joint Ventures is like a stroll in the park when you follow Brian's advice.  This is the best source of free traffic you could possibly ask for.

Hiring writers to create your product on "freelancer" sites is NOT a good idea!  Brian shows you where to pick up incredible bargains.

Those were just from the first few pages!

Brian's Manifesto also reveals the weird reason why you shouldn't sell information.  It's a losing ballgame!  What you should really sell is a solution, and he reveals his methods for doing so.

This is highly recommended reading for information product merchants and, probably even more so, affiliate marketers.

NOTE: If you do *not* have an info-product of your own or are intimidated by the idea of creating one, this should be required reading.

Click here to pick up your free copy of the new Product Creation Manifesto:

All success,

Michael Murdock   

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