Best Wishes Joel - Rest in Peace

Today was a somber day of sorts. In a weekend where we celebrate being thankful, it was most appropriate to meet and say "Thanks" to a man who left suddenly in the midst of life to go on to do work that we all eventually are called to do.

Joel Sinclaire passed away suddenly and left a hole in Scottsdale society. I had the pleasure of meeting him a couple of times at a local networking event.

I had the honor of attending his service and in the the Jewish tradition (of which I was not aware) helped to place dirt upon his casket as it rest in the Earth. That was a ground shaking connection across bounds of time and space that I've not experienced before.

There was a sense of loss felt by many, but for myself I simply wanted to say "Thanks". Thanks for taking time out to say hi. Thanks for taking time to shake hands and share what was going on in your life and work. Thanks for being part of my experience in this lifetime and allowing me to share in this experience of your crossing over.

You will be missed by many. A few I know have mentioned their sadness and I've reached out to them to share with them that gone as you are from the physical you are here in spirit. You are welcome to come to our home and connect when you're near this end of the universe. May your travels be many and may you help many in your new assignment on the other side.

Do visit your family and let them know somehow that you're okay over there. They do really miss you.

Rest in Peace Joel, and once again..."Thanks"

Michael Murdock

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