Sunday, November 30, 2008

Best Wishes Joel - Rest in Peace

Today was a somber day of sorts. In a weekend where we celebrate being thankful, it was most appropriate to meet and say "Thanks" to a man who left suddenly in the midst of life to go on to do work that we all eventually are called to do.

Joel Sinclaire passed away suddenly and left a hole in Scottsdale society. I had the pleasure of meeting him a couple of times at a local networking event.

I had the honor of attending his service and in the the Jewish tradition (of which I was not aware) helped to place dirt upon his casket as it rest in the Earth. That was a ground shaking connection across bounds of time and space that I've not experienced before.

There was a sense of loss felt by many, but for myself I simply wanted to say "Thanks". Thanks for taking time out to say hi. Thanks for taking time to shake hands and share what was going on in your life and work. Thanks for being part of my experience in this lifetime and allowing me to share in this experience of your crossing over.

You will be missed by many. A few I know have mentioned their sadness and I've reached out to them to share with them that gone as you are from the physical you are here in spirit. You are welcome to come to our home and connect when you're near this end of the universe. May your travels be many and may you help many in your new assignment on the other side.

Do visit your family and let them know somehow that you're okay over there. They do really miss you.

Rest in Peace Joel, and once again..."Thanks"

Michael Murdock

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Thanksgiving...A time for reflection

This time of year is a good time to reflect. It's nice to think about how many nice people we've met along the way, about the abundance that's flowed into our lives and about the opportunities that we've had to help others out.

I hope that you have time to be with your family, that you're able to enjoy that time and have some great food, share time with friends and be a bit happy.

May the God of your choice bless you and your family and may you have a Happy Thanksgiving.

Michael Murdock, CEO

Monday, November 24, 2008

What's it take to run Yahoo?

What does it take to run Yahoo or any large company like it?

Most would argue that it takes experience managing a multi-billion dollar company. That it takes years and years of experience to do this and that nobody is qualified unless they've been under the proverbial microscope of a Board, a management team and every employee in the company.

Well, if that's the case, then we must have really been blinded in the election. We've just elected a man to be President of the largest corporation on the planet, and to lead us through much more than a stock value drop, or a shift in technology drop.

In otherwords, I'd say your argument does not hold water. I say what it takes to run a company like Yahoo or any other company for that matter making products, selling services on the Internet are the following (please take note, Executive Boards of Yahoo, SUN, and anyone else out there thinking of hiring some high-priced Golden Parachute scouting son-of-a-gun):

a. Passion
b. Determination
c. Ability to think on their feet
d. Ability to communicate effectively with others
e. charisma
f. Ability to rally people around a common cause
g. bullshit detection meter - Mine's recently been calibrated
h. sense of humor
i. openness to create partnerships
j. ability to work with others
k. ability to work past issues, connect with others and see the good in everyone
m. someone who is conscious, spiritual and knows that this is more than just about money

In other words, I am more than qualified for this position as are a number of others out there. However, that item M might give some of the other issue. For what I have seen in corporate America that is disturbing and we've all seen it recently in Washington is that for some it's all about the money.

What I'd like companies to do is be more open to looking at the supposed "dark horses" as we're not a bad group. We've got passion for your company. We're driven to see you succeed. We're pissed that you're where you are and we understand that you're able to come out of this at some point, but you need guidance and someone that can make snap decisions that will benefit the company.

You're playing with a loaded deck. You know all the problems you're facing. We don't. We can only go off what we read, what we hear, what we see. But we're still here to help. So don't look the gift horse in the mouth. We could do this for a lot more $$, but for some of us there is more than just money out there. It's about the people, the company, the culture and the helping that matters.

Best regards,

Michael Murdock, CEO

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Yahoo Restructuring Overview

The following is an overview presentation to the Executive Board & the investing public regarding Yahoo, Inc.

*on a sidenote, there are a number of video services out there. I tried 5 of them this evening and none of them rendered the lead in and lead out slides in this correctly. The shown version here is the best result and it's from the service at

Thanks for watching this. Tell your investor friends about this. Yahoo will be exciting once again should the choose to offer me the position of CEO. Let's just see what happens.

Michael Murdock, CEO

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Create A New Info Product In 24 Hours... Let Me Explain

Here's something you already know: Information Marketing is booming.

But that doesn't mean much to anyone who doesn't have their own product.

So how do you create one starting from scratch, especially if you don't have any experience?

And, more importantly, how soon can you really have a quality info product up and selling? You couldn't just decide to create a new, high-value product and have it ready in a few days... could you??

Well, if you've read Brian McElroy's rock-solid "Product Creation Manifesto", then you know that it's entirely possible.

This is an important subject so I was quick to download a copy of his new report as soon as it was released.

Sure, there's no shortage of free reports and free videos and free this and free that online ... but much of free is regurgitated or outdated info.

Then there are the gems; The ones that are actually worth the time investment to work through.

The "Product Creation Manifesto" is a GEM.

Reading through this 36 page PDF took me one sitting, but the ideas it contains will be running around in my head for weeks.

Some of what I picked up:

Affiliate marketing is EASY when you have your own product.  Brian shows how he built up a full-time income from promoting other people's products... even though he's no good at it!

Getting Joint Ventures is like a stroll in the park when you follow Brian's advice.  This is the best source of free traffic you could possibly ask for.

Hiring writers to create your product on "freelancer" sites is NOT a good idea!  Brian shows you where to pick up incredible bargains.

Those were just from the first few pages!

Brian's Manifesto also reveals the weird reason why you shouldn't sell information.  It's a losing ballgame!  What you should really sell is a solution, and he reveals his methods for doing so.

This is highly recommended reading for information product merchants and, probably even more so, affiliate marketers.

NOTE: If you do *not* have an info-product of your own or are intimidated by the idea of creating one, this should be required reading.

Click here to pick up your free copy of the new Product Creation Manifesto:

All success,

Michael Murdock   

Monday, November 17, 2008

An experiment in chipping in

This was set up to let people get some info and when they find it of value, it's easy to contribute. In the end some of the money will be used to help some of the less fortunate in the area who have been affected by job loss or by the economy besides ourselves.


Michael Murdock

I was in shock! Utter disbelief!

When I saw that email that offered the package that I am going to describe right now:

3 DVDs of highly confusing technically aged information
2 Glossy covered magazines
Access to a forum of people not associated with the company and their product.

Price...$800.00 per month. Huh??? Yes, $800 per month for this and the next month you might get a DVD and you might get a magazine, but the magazine would not be edited as you'd expect. There'd be errors and no apologies, just perhaps a reshipment of your original package plus everything else up to that time and when you received it, it'd be damaged.

Total cost for the year - $9,600.00 and no guarantees of success, nor direct support from the company.

I had to sit down and think. Was this a good investment? Was the information in these products ground-shaking? Both answers were an overwhelming NO.

What I've just described to you is true. It's not fake. It's not something that someone dreamed up, although I think since they're creative marketers that they'll get away with it for a bit. - not to find that package, to get BIGSEO.

Why am I telling about that product which shall remain nameless? To tell you about one that you can get right now that will give you substantially more for your investment as well as get you direct accessible support for an entire year for just $1500.

We're talking here about BIGSEO. This is the name for a package that I have which encompasses not only Website Optimization for your site, it also gets into Internet Marketing with up to date tools, shows you all the things you need to know to do this yourself if you desire at some point (training), and it goes for a full year for that $1500 price.

$1500 vs. $9600. Direct support vs. No support. No complicated DVDs with language that takes a translator vs. DVDs that require someone else to listen to, then hire a translator to tell me what they all mean.

Are you beginning to see why our BIGSEO package would be a winning investment? I sure hope so. We're not shortcutting on the value of things. You're going to get more value from our package than the other plus you get a real person to interact with. The value of our package in time and deliverables is over $15000 for the year.

So what is SEO (search engine optimization) or Website Optimization. Really they're both the same thing, except one term really caught on. SEO. SEO is about making your website more attractive to a search engine so that it gets listed in what are called the FREE/Organic search listings. It's also about getting your site exposed to your ideal market so that when they search, they see your name/brand and can identify with you by simple words that are present in the search result. We help make that happen.

What does BIGSEO come with?

1. Business evaluation - Is this the right business?
2. Website evaluation - What do you expect your site to do?
3. Assignments for you to perform for YOUR business + Coaching
4. Website Marketing Plan + Coaching
5. Telephone & Email access (value is $600 per 2 hours)
6. SEO for your website (Top 5 pages) 1 year + Coaching
7. Press Release Promotion - 5 Press Releases. You write, We promote
8. 24 Hours consulting (2 Hours per month,see value above)

You can read more about that on the following page: as we put it right up front for people to see. Scroll to the BIGSEO mention and read through what we'll be doing with you. Yes, WITH you. We work with our clients or their web people directly when we do this work. We also share our knowledge and train people (if interested) on how to do this themselves. It's a bonus we provide so that people are not stuck if they want to change things down the road after working with us.

So what do you need for your website or business right now? Do you have the right tools to get things done? Are you sending emails out to your list every week or so? Do clients find it hard to get information out of you? Are you using a Shopping Cart to process orders? Do you follow up with buyers after they purchase?

DocMurdock offers many business resources on our website. When you're visiting, just press the Resources link and see what we have there. We also have a store if you're looking for gifts for others. Click Store to peek at those items.

We wanted to let you know our BIGSEO package is ON SALE right now. We know times are tough so we've reduced the price so that you can take advantage of this today. No better day to start than Monday.

Normal price is $2500, but we've discounted it to $1500 so that you can sign up and we can get working on your site now. There's no reason to wait on this any longer. We'd like to begin working to help your site be more visible to more people now.

When you go to and you click the ADD to Cart button when you've read about BIGSEO, make sure to use the code of SALE in the shoppingcart. When you do this, click the APPLY button and you'll see your $1000 discount. 

Yes, we're giving $1000 off when you sign up today for this package. So don't delay. If you can't start working on it till later in the month, don't worry. Sign up today though to get that price. We'll adjust the start time to when you want it to be. We're just asking people sign up now so we know to schedule our time appropriately.

Plus a bonus. Everyone who signs up TODAY 11/17/2008 will receive service until 12/31/2009.

Email me at if you'd like to chat before signing up for this. I am available today to discuss what you need for your website/web presence.

Michael Murdock, CEO

Sunday, November 16, 2008

SUN Microsystems...Time for Changes at the TOP

It's been a long time since I wrote anything negative about SUN. I tried to patch some things up with Scott McNealy after writing a few scathing emails/letters to him following being laid off in 2002 along with 11% of the company. But now I think it's time to dust off the fingers and commence on a campaign to end the reign of McNealy & Company at SUN. Scott, it's time to go.

Now anyone who knows me, knows that I have a habit of speaking my piece. There's another one besides Scott that needs to go and that's Jonathan. Yes, it's true. I go back to emails that I had with the two of them about a few things and one of those was from Scott telling me after I questioned Jonathan being CEO where Scott tells me "I trust him". Well...Scott, it seems like you might have had a MCCain moment there and blown it. The company is NOT better off with Jonathan running things. Not any better off than it was when you were running things. So...time for a change.

Now there are those of us who have been through the school of hard knocks and learned a lot along the way. One of those things is that you don't lose touch with your market. Sun has lost that touch a long time ago. It started back in the day when you were slamming Gates about things Microsoft was doing wrong and how much of a bastard he was. Well...who did Microsoft run and bail out in 1997? Apple. Did they open their wallet up to SUN? Even though the world knows that Hotmail was run on Sun Servers. Did they come to our rescue? Nope. Why? Because you were out there slamming Bill Gates. Steve Jobs did it in Triumph of the Nerds, but Steve and Bill go back a bit further on the friends chain than you do and...Apple does run Microsoft software, something SUN does not do.

So you slammed him back then, the stock took a real dip from 130/share sliding down and down. Personally you cost me $300,000 in lost stock option value. Needless to say, I am not happy about that as that money would have been worth substantially more had you kept your mouth shut and run the company the way it should have been run.

So to rebuild the company, instead of going through and thinning projects, licensing off the money losers to some others to turn them into profit generators, trim salaries and other smart things, you expand, buy more companies to try and beat people out and continue to hemmorage the company away.

What was our revenue in 1998 - 1999? Around 9-13 Billion a year. Now it's around 3 billion? COME ON PEOPLE. Wake up and smell what the hell you're cooking.

Yes, I am angry. I have several hundred people that I know who work for SUN, some still do, and they are losing their savings because the people at the top are standing around jerking off into a fan hoping not to get wet.

If I was a major shareholder, I'd call for an emergency meeting to call for a vote to have the executive management team at the company removed for cause and immediately replaced by one that can turn things around.

I am one that would come in and help to turn the company around. HOW? Ask me when I am there. I am not making any mistakes of publicly disclosing plans for any turn around. I have done that before and it did not work out. Let me just say that I guarantee to turn the company profitable in 1 year or LESS or I will leave without ANY parachute whatsoever. My cost to come in and fix this problem? $500,000 (after taxes). Chump change based on the amount of work that I'll have to do in this adventure. When successful, I'll take a $1Million dollar bonus, train a successor and stay on as President/Chairman of the Board for oversight of the company.

I can do this with a management team of my choosing, and the power to do it. We can make the changes necessary to turn the company around and beat the streets estimates by a substantial margin.

So...all major shareholders who hold SUN Stock, do what you need to do to make this happen, I will come in and help turn your investment into something more than worthless paper.

If you're tired of losing your backside due to mis-management by an inept team that has it's eye everywhere but on the ball, then get in touch with me. I am reachable and ready to fly to the Bay Area to make this happen. Just Fed-Ex me the offer documents and a ticket and we'll get started.

Michael Murdock, CEO
DocMurdock Internet Business Consulting

Have you seen this? Create your own product overnight!

In case you haven't heard there has been a lot of buzz surrounding one of Internet Marketing's most successful product Creators, Brian McElroy.  

Brian hit six figures in just six months with his own products... and now he's revealing his secrets.

The best part?  

Brian is giving this information away... but only for a limited time.

Reserve Your Copy:

His report is called the "Product Creation Manifesto" and is a GOLDMINE.  

You know having your own product is the way to go, right?

This report shows you HOW.

It reveals the 10 biggest myths about product creation- and why they're holding you back from the success you
*should* be having!

Here's the surprising part...

* You DON'T have to be an expert
* You DON'T have to take a long time
* You DON'T need a lot of cash to invest
* You DON'T have to be a tech wizard
* You DON'T need to have guru buddies

And that's just the half of it!  To find out the whole story, reserve your copy now while it's still available:

To your success,


PS- This report is easily a $97 value, but you can grab it at no cost right now:

Friday, November 07, 2008

Adwords email scam ALERT!!!!

I don't know about you, but once in a while I see an email scam come through that's pretty darned good. This one almost got me last night.

I was working along doing many things along the way with my computers, email, audio files, etc when I check my email and see one from Google talking about my Adwords account.

Now, truth be told I am an Adwords user for a number of years and even used to monitor accounts for clients (stopped doing that service offering as it's very time consuming).

The email said something about we could not complete a charge for something, please update your billing information. I looked at it checked a few things and something told me to stop and not click anything.

I was working on my Macintosh which is not as sensitive as some when it comes to email and link clicking so I decided to investigate some things. Am glad I did not click.

What I did is what EVERYONE should do when you receive an email from ANY Organization asking you to update your billing information. Go right to the site by opening a web browser and NOT by clicking a link in the email.

So, I did, went into my Google Adwords account and did some checking. No ads active, no campaigns running, so then I emailed google from inside the account, and did some checking.

A Phishing scam via email just begging me to click a link. I dug deeper using some tools at my disposal. Some hack in Japan was the perpetrator.  Now not everyone has the tools that I do to track these things, and I don't have the time or inclination to start a service to do so...unless people find that helpful and want to subscribe to such a thing...hmmmm now there's an idea that could get funded :)

Anyhow let me share with you some tips for success in dealing with things like this:

1. If you receive an email asking you to update your password, email address, billing information, BE SUSPICIOUS.

2. Do NOT click ANY LINK in the email. Not even to "test things out". If you DO, immediately close your email program and run your virus scanning/malware scanning program. If you don't have one, GET ONE NOW.

3. DO after NOT clicking any link in number 2, Go to your browser, open up the site and log in, check your account to make sure nothing is out of the ordinary. Contact the company that the account is with and let them know about the activity. They will generally provide you an email address to send the suspicious email to. Do this following their instructions.

4. **If you clicked a link in item 2, DO NOT DO item 3. Your computer is infected, Make sure to scan it and REMOVE any infections prior to logging into your account.

Yes this is scary stuff, but it's out there. If the email you get says "Dear Member" or "Dear USER" it's NOT legit. Don't trust it.

Places like EBAY, PAYPAL are large enough and secure enough that they have your full name and will ALWAYS address you by it in communcations. They will never call you member or user. Phishing people will.

If you receive one of these adwords emails, forward it to the following address at google:

They will take things from there.

Thanks for taking time to read.

Michael Murdock, CEO
DocMurdock - Internet Business Consulting

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Finally the end...and a beginning

Well folks here we are again. This time on the precipice of history. Will our country step forward and elect a black man for President. It seems to fly well on TV and in movies, but never seems to materialize into real life. What's the fear? That we won't be accepted around the world? That he won't do a good job? Or that we simply don't know him well enough, have not seen enough of him and therefore don't believe he'll do well by us.

Personally I hope it's the last one if anything. I've been an American Citizen since I was 13. I was not born here. I was born in England. It's interesting to watch America from outside this land and see how others perceive us, respect us, trash us, or love us. It's interesting to live outside the safety that we feel here or felt here before that day. It's also nice to hope for a day when we can go back to being safe and feeling loved, and admired. So this day brings a ton of mixed emotions with it.

It's my sincere prayer that the country as a whole will vote its heart, its conscience and be better for it.

May all of us get to know each other better as a result of this time, and may we all work to expand our borders, help more people, be of great service to others, and watchful of all that we survey in this time.

Have an amazing day.


Sunday, November 02, 2008

Honey! We have to go to Trader Joe's right now!

You know it's funny, sitting in the office on a Sunday evening and all of a sudden your wife runs by the room and says those words "Honey we have to go to Trader Joe's right now!" So we did. It was around 20 minutes till they close and BAM we were out the door and into Trader Joes before you could dial a telephone.

It was great walked in after getting the perfect parking spot and smelled the cookies. They were amazing in scent. Turns out there's a box of chilled chocolate chip cookies for a great price that can be had. We bought a few other things and walked out of the store.

We got to the car, I opened the doors and for some reason looked down. I don't like litter on the ground. Well there was a piece of paper there. I thought I'll pick this up and wouldn't it be interesting if this was money. Little did I know, it was exactly that. We started off and my wife asks me "What did you pick up?" I said jokingly $100 Bucks! NO WAY she said, I then said "You know I am not sure" so I reached up turned on the interior light and there staring at me was Benjamin Franklin. He was smiling at me. I at first did not believe it but then I said those wonderful words "I deserved a $100 this evening", she echoed that with "Yes you did".

So where did this money come from? No idea. Did someone lose it? It's possible. Was I wrong for taking it? I don't believe or feel so. If not me, then someone else would have. I will be following the law of circulation and putting it back into the system very quickly. It's only right to do that.

What does this illustrate? It shows that what we think about we can attract into our lives very quickly and deliberately. I was thinking this evening how cool it would be to just stumble upon some money. So how did that happen? All evening long i was thinking about Trader Joes and how we always go there on Sundays and this night it looked like we would not go, but I wanted to go so I kept thinking about it and thinking about it and my wife being sensitive to my thoughts picked up on that and we together made this though into reality.

And...when we got there, the money appeared into our sphere. It was up to me to hone in on it and I did. That's how quickly the laws can work for you. Think about what you want, know that you deserve it, be open to receiving it when it shows up, don't question why it came to you.

That's all it takes. Tomorrow...we'll work on something different for attraction purposes.

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