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Best Wishes Joel - Rest in Peace

Today was a somber day of sorts. In a weekend where we celebrate being thankful, it was most appropriate to meet and say "Thanks" to a man who left suddenly in the midst of life to go on to do work that we all eventually are called to do.
Joel Sinclaire passed away suddenly and left a hole in Scottsdale society. I had the pleasure of meeting him a couple of times at a local networking event.
I had the honor of attending his service and in the the Jewish tradition (of which I was not aware) helped to place dirt upon his casket as it rest in the Earth. That was a ground shaking connection across bounds of time and space that I've not experienced before.
There was a sense of loss felt by many, but for myself I simply wanted to say "Thanks". Thanks for taking time out to say hi. Thanks for taking time to shake hands and share what was going on in your life and work. Thanks for being part of my experience in this lifetime and allowing me to share in this experience of …

Thanksgiving...A time for reflection

This time of year is a good time to reflect. It's nice to think about how many nice people we've met along the way, about the abundance that's flowed into our lives and about the opportunities that we've had to help others out.
I hope that you have time to be with your family, that you're able to enjoy that time and have some great food, share time with friends and be a bit happy.
May the God of your choice bless you and your family and may you have a Happy Thanksgiving.
Michael Murdock, CEO

What's it take to run Yahoo?

What does it take to run Yahoo or any large company like it?
Most would argue that it takes experience managing a multi-billion dollar company. That it takes years and years of experience to do this and that nobody is qualified unless they've been under the proverbial microscope of a Board, a management team and every employee in the company.
Well, if that's the case, then we must have really been blinded in the election. We've just elected a man to be President of the largest corporation on the planet, and to lead us through much more than a stock value drop, or a shift in technology drop.
In otherwords, I'd say your argument does not hold water. I say what it takes to run a company like Yahoo or any other company for that matter making products, selling services on the Internet are the following (please take note, Executive Boards of Yahoo, SUN, and anyone else out there thinking of hiring some high-priced Golden Parachute scouting son-of-a-gun):
a. Passion b. Determinati…

Yahoo Restructuring Overview

The following is an overview presentation to the Executive Board & the investing public regarding Yahoo, Inc.

*on a sidenote, there are a number of video services out there. I tried 5 of them this evening and none of them rendered the lead in and lead out slides in this correctly. The shown version here is the best result and it's from the service at
Thanks for watching this. Tell your investor friends about this. Yahoo will be exciting once again should the choose to offer me the position of CEO. Let's just see what happens.
Michael Murdock, CEO

Create A New Info Product In 24 Hours... Let Me Explain

Here's something you already know: Information Marketing is booming.
But that doesn't mean much to anyone who doesn't have their own product.
So how do you create one starting from scratch, especially if you don't have any experience?
And, more importantly, how soon can you really have a quality info product up and selling? You couldn't just decide to create a new, high-value product and have it ready in a few days... could you??
Well, if you've read Brian McElroy's rock-solid "Product Creation Manifesto", then you know that it's entirely possible.
This is an important subject so I was quick to download a copy of his new report as soon as it was released.
Sure, there's no shortage of free reports and free videos and free this and free that online ... but much of free is regurgitated or outdated info.
Then there are the gems; The ones that are actually worth the time investment to work through.
The "Product Creation Manifesto&…

An experiment in chipping in

This was set up to let people get some info and when they find it of value, it's easy to contribute. In the end some of the money will be used to help some of the less fortunate in the area who have been affected by job loss or by the economy besides ourselves.
Michael Murdock

I was in shock! Utter disbelief!

When I saw that email that offered the package that I am going to describe right now:
3 DVDs of highly confusing technically aged information 2 Glossy covered magazines Access to a forum of people not associated with the company and their product.
Price...$800.00 per month. Huh??? Yes, $800 per month for this and the next month you might get a DVD and you might get a magazine, but the magazine would not be edited as you'd expect. There'd be errors and no apologies, just perhaps a reshipment of your original package plus everything else up to that time and when you received it, it'd be damaged.
Total cost for the year - $9,600.00 and no guarantees of success, nor direct support from the company.
I had to sit down and think. Was this a good investment? Was the information in these products ground-shaking? Both answers were an overwhelming NO.
What I've just described to you is true. It's not fake. It's not something that someone dreamed up, although I think since they&#…

SUN Microsystems...Time for Changes at the TOP

It's been a long time since I wrote anything negative about SUN. I tried to patch some things up with Scott McNealy after writing a few scathing emails/letters to him following being laid off in 2002 along with 11% of the company. But now I think it's time to dust off the fingers and commence on a campaign to end the reign of McNealy & Company at SUN. Scott, it's time to go.

Now anyone who knows me, knows that I have a habit of speaking my piece. There's another one besides Scott that needs to go and that's Jonathan. Yes, it's true. I go back to emails that I had with the two of them about a few things and one of those was from Scott telling me after I questioned Jonathan being CEO where Scott tells me "I trust him". Well...Scott, it seems like you might have had a MCCain moment there and blown it. The company is NOT better off with Jonathan running things. Not any better off than it was when you were running things. So...time for a change.

Now ther…

Have you seen this? Create your own product overnight!

In case you haven't heard there has been a lot of buzz surrounding one of Internet Marketing's most successful product Creators, Brian McElroy.  

Brian hit six figures in just six months with his own products... and now he's revealing his secrets.
The best part?  
Brian is giving this information away... but only for a limited time.
Reserve Your Copy:
His report is called the "Product Creation Manifesto" and is a GOLDMINE.  
You know having your own product is the way to go, right?
This report shows you HOW.
It reveals the 10 biggest myths about product creation- and why they're holding you back from the success you *should* be having!
Here's the surprising part...
* You DON'T have to be an expert * You DON'T have to take a long time * You DON'T need a lot of cash to invest * You DON'T have to be a tech wizard * You DON'T need to have guru buddies
And that's just the half of it!  To find out the whole story, reserve your copy now …

Adwords email scam ALERT!!!!

I don't know about you, but once in a while I see an email scam come through that's pretty darned good. This one almost got me last night.
I was working along doing many things along the way with my computers, email, audio files, etc when I check my email and see one from Google talking about my Adwords account.
Now, truth be told I am an Adwords user for a number of years and even used to monitor accounts for clients (stopped doing that service offering as it's very time consuming).
The email said something about we could not complete a charge for something, please update your billing information. I looked at it checked a few things and something told me to stop and not click anything.
I was working on my Macintosh which is not as sensitive as some when it comes to email and link clicking so I decided to investigate some things. Am glad I did not click.
What I did is what EVERYONE should do when you receive an email from ANY Organization asking you to update your billing infor…

Finally the end...and a beginning

Well folks here we are again. This time on the precipice of history. Will our country step forward and elect a black man for President. It seems to fly well on TV and in movies, but never seems to materialize into real life. What's the fear? That we won't be accepted around the world? That he won't do a good job? Or that we simply don't know him well enough, have not seen enough of him and therefore don't believe he'll do well by us.
Personally I hope it's the last one if anything. I've been an American Citizen since I was 13. I was not born here. I was born in England. It's interesting to watch America from outside this land and see how others perceive us, respect us, trash us, or love us. It's interesting to live outside the safety that we feel here or felt here before that day. It's also nice to hope for a day when we can go back to being safe and feeling loved, and admired. So this day brings a ton of mixed emotions with it.
It's my si…

Honey! We have to go to Trader Joe's right now!

You know it's funny, sitting in the office on a Sunday evening and all of a sudden your wife runs by the room and says those words "Honey we have to go to Trader Joe's right now!" So we did. It was around 20 minutes till they close and BAM we were out the door and into Trader Joes before you could dial a telephone.
It was great walked in after getting the perfect parking spot and smelled the cookies. They were amazing in scent. Turns out there's a box of chilled chocolate chip cookies for a great price that can be had. We bought a few other things and walked out of the store.
We got to the car, I opened the doors and for some reason looked down. I don't like litter on the ground. Well there was a piece of paper there. I thought I'll pick this up and wouldn't it be interesting if this was money. Little did I know, it was exactly that. We started off and my wife asks me "What did you pick up?" I said jokingly $100 Bucks! NO WAY she said, I then …