Too Many Emails...Too Many Wrong Links - A problem to avoid at all costs

Hi. This is a touchy subject to write about at best. While I want to give a specific example of this, the fact that I know the person and am actually happy for them that they make a ton of money from sales, I saw something that caused a big red flag to shoot up.

Too many emails and too many bad links. Why would you do that to your affiliates? This causes me to sit and think and say "Wow, if they're doing it, others could be too." Not something that I want to be a part of. I want to make sure that when I send an email out to people to send them to a program, that it's the right link so that I actually get credit for sales.

In the business of affiliate marketing it's important for affiliates to make money. We after all are investing our time in promoting your product or service or seminar, which now costs us money because while we're promoting you, we're ignoring our own stuff, and then our people may go to your site and buy your stuff, but we don't get credit for it, because after we did our mailing to several hundred or several thousand you come back and tell us "Oh no! I screwed up, use this link" and then again, and again. I'd be wringing the neck of someone who gave me the wrong link in the first place.

I know some sales were made, and I eventually hope to find out to whom so that I can then ask for the commissions that should be paid to me for those people, but due to the link snafu I'll probably not see the money and will be told "Oh you should have waited until we sent out all the emails telling you that we messed up".

Respect your affiliates. They are partners who are helping promote you and you're making the lion's share of the profits out of these things. Without their promotions would you be making less? Perhaps, or maybe you don't need affiliates at all...or maybe without them you'd be lost. I think those out there doing these marketing campaigns to millions need to make sure that they are getting the right information to their partners so that we can share it right the first time to our people, so that we actually get credited for the sales that we make.

I hope that made sense. Questions? email and of course you can always visit our site at for more information on what we do.

Best regards,

Michael Murdock, CEO

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