Renew Your Domain Now Notices - They're FAKE!

So when was the last time you checked your US MAIL and found a notice in it telling you that you had to renew your domain name? It's that time of year when these folks come out of the woodwork and get people to do just that. Not for 7 or 8.00, but for $30, $40, $70 for the year!

These companies that are doing this are scam artists. You don't have to pay these kinds of fees for domains any longer. Those are from the old days. Now, you can go to Snagadomain and register a .com domain for under $8.00 per year! That's right, under $8.00 per year.

These notices are not bills, but are solicitations which if you read the fine print you're not obligated to adhere to. However, they make the fine print so small that you cannot read it and that's when you get caught, you sign up for their service and your domain gets transferred to them and basically they own it and you don't.

So please be careful and when you get one of these notices, open a web browser and go to Snagdomain to see what real domain prices are and sign up with us. We're an authorized GoDaddy Reseller, and we're here to serve you and treat you right.

Thanks for taking time to read.

Michael Murdock
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